Nowhere Man has ratings and reviews. Orsodimondo said: TU CHIAMALE, SE VUOI: SUGGESTIONIIl titolo del romanzo nasce da. A native of Sarajevo, where he spends his adolescence trying to become Bosnia’s answer to John Lennon, Jozef Pronek comes to the United States in. Nowhere Man: The Pronek Fantasies [Aleksandar Hemon] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aleksandar Hemon, author of T he Question of.

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A former Bosnian now living in Chicago, he learned English maybe 15 years ago, started writing in English, and oh, about three-four years later started seeing his stories in periodicals like the Paris Review. Hemon found himself unable to write in his native Serbo-Croatian. Both men were aleksansar by a nowhege white line the old man across his chest, the young man across his waistwith a trail of white blots spreading toward the old man’s beard–a crease and its offspring, created in somebody’s pocket.

Nowhere Man by Alexandar Hemon – read excerpt

A toilet bowl is “agape”, dissolving toilet paper in it “throbbing like a jellyfish”. I hope you’ll take my word for it, though, and read this.

nowere I was about to lock the door when I saw the cat gnawing on a mouse’s head, patiently exposing its crimson essence. A younger man stood on his left, his right hand aleksandwr touching the old man’s shoulder. The engagingly gauche, drolly unforgettable Jozef Pronek first appeared in Aleksandar Hemon’s impressive debut collection of stories, The Question of Bruno Hemon plunges into the inner world of the observant Pronek, making ordinary events seem wleksandar through the sheer power of his detailed descriptions as his protagonist navigates the war-torn land that was once Marshal Tito’s Yugoslavia and the wilds of Chicago in the s.

I had to wait for the spin to throttle to a stop before I could put my laundry in the machine, so I followed the cat into the other room.

Haunted by the present

It is s confrontation which is successful in getting the characters and the reader to be really engaged i I finished this over a week ago but hadn’t had a chance to write about it. Strangely, these characters who tell his life seem to know more about him than anyone ever could, even Jozef himself. I was late with my rent, and had already looked up the word eviction in the dictionary, hoping that the secondary, obsolete meaning “The action ehmon conquering a country or of obtaining something by conquest” would override my landlord’s primary meaning and save my ass.


You would kneel and indent the soil with your knees, imprinting smudges on your trousers, noqhere toward an inexorable punishment from your parents. Critics in particular seem to find this confusion as evidence of literary genius. A teenager in a window-throbbing car drove by, pointing his finger at me, shooting. I went down the stairs, carrying a mound of dirty laundry, careful not to trip over the inquisitive cat.

Here, Pronek appears episodically as one of the names of the Spy known as Captain Pick.

A piece of flotsam tossed around as nationals break about and neighbours set about murdering each other, Jozef is again distanced by the fact that he avoids the worst of these atrocities by migrating across countries and continents, which is another type of alienation from real belonging.

I sold, for the total of seventy-four dollars, a decaying futon with a rich cat-barf pattern; a hobbly table with four chairs, inexplicably scarred, as if they had walked through fields of barbed wire. As others correct his speech – sometimes wrongly “Went. Smashing the boxes was my favorite part, the controlled, benign destruction.

When I was a kid, I thought that snow came from God shitting on us. I finished this over a week ago but hadn’t had a chance to write about it. Haunted by headlines of “Thousands killed in Srebrenica”, Pronek piles on weight and has visions of a massacre triggered by the sound of a staple gun next door. In a way, it’s probably best to just consider the last chapter to be some add on short story not in connection with the rest imo An apt question, which the novel never answers–nor seeks to–but certainly explores.

And to think we have found a secure and comprehensible place in the sequence of time and events is perhaps the greatest illusion to which we can fall prey. Today was the interview day.


A fly buzzed against the windowpane, as though trying to cut through it with a minikin saw. It is a triumph of innovative and meaningful story-telling and a masterpiece of word-craft.

Bush at a ceremony on the site of the Babi Yar massacre. These events are described as backdrops rather than something in which Jozef is a participant. This book kind of disappointed me, It was a story of one interesting boy with a rock band from Sarajevothat out of nowhere ended knocking doors looking for support for Greenpeace in the USA, and then the book ends with stories about a Russian Captain in Shangai For other uses, see Nowhere Man.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Yes, Hemon writes beautifully, aleksanndar means that he aleksnadar surprises, delights, and disorients the reader, makes the reader marvel and look with fresh eyes on the world.

I put the laundry on top of the washing machine, which shuddered as though delighted, and pulled the rope pending in the darkness–cobwebs sprung into the air around the bulb.

Hemon’s absolutely original noahere aligned with but never subservient to V. He seems unaware of this, experiencing his own existence as detached from all that goes on around him, with communication impeded by an accent that no one can Encounters with one Jozef Pronek, native Sarajevan, over a period that stretches from his teenage years through to present-day adulthood.

Themes recur but don’t become clear until the end. I experienced an intense sneeze of happiness, simply because I had managed not to lose my transfer. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.