His greatest battle is just beginningCaptain Harry Lidge has done his duty. After losing too many good men on the battlefield, he’s ready to put his. Always a Temptress by Eileen Dreyer Harry is now one of “Drake’s Rakes”, a spy organization designed to bring down the Lions, a group of. “Fueled by a surfeit of sizzling sensuality, chilling suspense, and delectably dry wit, Always a Temptress brings Dreyer’s first historical trilogy to a smashingly.

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She could only stare, sick eileeen betrayal. Trembling with possibility, with wonder, with hunger. I can see future heroes emerging and will read their stories as long as Dreyer writes them. Everyone should smile at weddings. How to write a great review. Once they actually start to listen to what each has to say things start to change between them.

I really want to know more about Drake himself, Chuffy and Ian. The emotions conveyed in Dreyers writing of all Harry is feeling breaks your heart. Harry is shocked Lady Kate Seaton has put on a happy face for years. Someone is trying to kill Kate because of something she has or knows but she is unaware of what it is.

Over all, this is my favorite book of the series so far. My only niggle was the ending wasn’t long enough. Harry is tired and ready to start the next part in his life. Bea’s loyalty to Kate and slightly impish ways was just the tonic the book needed. When dreter confronted her with the things her father had told him she was stunned and furious. A Secret Consequence for the Viscount. Only one of them is brave enough to share their true feelings Harry’d met her when she was fifteen.

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She heard a crash and more shouting and cringed. I love this series with its interesting characters, fresh story lines, and exceptional tie-in from one book to the next. A verse that is the key to a beautiful, treasonous woman’s sedition. Poor dude can’t help it!

Fortunately, that ended up being a minor complaint when held up against how much I loved the full and fabulous set of characters of this book and the romance plotline. The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes. Dreyer gives us two likable characters who deserve to be together and enough of the intrigues, plot twists temptrezs bad luck that we savor ddreyer ups and downs of their romance.

On this premise, Har This book only got these two stars because Lady Kate is pretty damn tough and likable. Secrets of the Marriage Bed. Also though I hope not! I had the impression Dicky was worried that Kate might be in danger and expected Harry to protect her, but Harry, having the IQ of a mushroom, instantly suspects that Kate is in cahoots with the Lions, a nefarious cabal out to assassinate Wellington and the king.

She was holding onto the strap, and still being battered around.

Always a Temptress Excerpt

In all truth, probably nothing. I’m really enjoying this author, and how wonderful to know that she plans nine books for this series. Suddenly she was truly afraid. After the high point of Never a Gentlemanthe series was bound to come down a notch or twoand it does. But then, first impressions aren’t everything, dteyer I loved how he dealt with the major ddreyer shift when he realized the scope of his errors and misconceptions.

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Great writing, nice subplot although I still Huge sigh of relief over this book in the series as the hero may not be tops, but he is so far above and beyond the first two heroes in the series he looks like Lancelot.

And that made her angrier than ever. He couldn’t remember when last he’d spent so much time simply exploring a mouth. Captain Harry Lidge has done his duty. Kate’s the daughter of a duke and the widow of a duke. When she shrieked and fought, he tossed her over his shoulder and turned for the building Kate could only see as a deeper shadow in the darkness.

Harry goes through too much of the book believing she betrayed him and never quite manages to redeem himself. Temptations of a Wallflower.

Always a Temptress Excerpt | Eileen Dreyer

And that meant, since he was head of her family, he was the male legally in charge of her life. All is releaved in the third book, and more than that. I honestly can’t say which book out of the three in the series is my favourite As a result he walked out on her and left her to an arranged marriage that….