Robert Greene é um escritor estadunidense, mais conhecido pelos livros de estratégia, sedução e poder. Trabalhou em Robert Greene, As 48 Leis do Poder. Find great deals for as 48 Leis Do Poder – Robert Greene Joost Elffers. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Title, As 48 leis do poder. Administração & negócios. Author, Robert E. Greene. Publisher, Rocco, ISBN, , Length,

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If someone else gets stepped on, they are obviously a loser.

As 48 Leis do Poder Dicas leks vale a pena ler. It is very important to use your own judgement in applying these laws to attain success, to avoid hurting your conscience and the people around you.

It’s a guide that can be used. No scandal will ever stick to you if you follow these Machiavellian rules.

48 Leis Do Poder – Ediçao Concisa – Joost Elffers, Robert Greene – Google Books

Lies here is the thing about this book; it’s mean, it’s ruthless but it’s all true. Nidal Amr I just finish reading the original, worth the time. Each explanation is preceded and concluded by rich summaries that make the info stick. Also, he tells you to court attention at all costs, then he tells you to use absence to increase respect and honor. It is not Spiritual or motivational. The impression that this book would leave upon a reader is highly subjective, based on whether you take it literally and condemn it for being ruthless, or you use it as a tool to understand the cruel people around you and safeguard yourself from getting crushed in grerne journey of success.

The title clearly goes with vo book.

Regardless, the distilled advice in this book is interesting, at times useful, but always important to understand – even if your only goal is to avoid undue manipulations by the powerful. I am not a sucker for anecdotes, but I like how he enforced his ideas with them. One more comment I have is that some of the laws actually contradict each other.


I might also add that, for one to have such a visceral, negative reaction to this book – perhaps there is something unacknowledged within yourself that caused such a reaction?

Retrieved podeg ” https: Retrieved May 31, Return to Book Page. And they are not all unethical – this would mean every person that has gained power is in some way immoral, and while this may be true on many counts, I believe certainly there are many exceptions.

As 48 Leis do Poder Muito interessante! I beg to differ. Robert and Joost became partners and inThe 48 Laws of Power was born.

BUT it is an enjoyable book and a well written one As 48 Leis do Poder Eh um livro rkbert interesse e vale a pena se aprofundar na leitura! Greene initially formulated some of the ideas in The 48 Laws of Power while working as a writer in Hollywood and concluding that today’s power elite shared similar traits with powerful figures throughout history.

I couldn’t in all honesty read past the 5th law. Jan 31, Joel Ogunjimi rated it really liked it. Absolutely for yourself and maybe your spouse or kids so they can survive and thrive too. Dec 11, Emir Rober rated it it was amazing Shelves: As 48 Leis do Poder Dicas muito valiosas gratidao.

Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer said that Greene’s so-called laws are based on isolated examples, and not on solid research. Mas ajudam a entender como pessoas que almejam o poder a qualquer custo podem agir. As 48 Leis do Poder Lamentavel Kudos to to Mr. Secondly, and much more importantly, while the ‘laws’ are quite clear and relatively greeene to comprehend, the true skill lies in their execution.


I feel that this book should be made mandatory for anyone who wants to get anywhere with their life. All I can roberf is that I’m really glad I took the time to read this book. One, as brilliant as he may be, he managed to somehow contradict himself several times. Y si, algunas cosas son duras y criticables, pero esta en cada uno el aplicarlas podeg no, lo que yo siempre digo es que mas vale eobert un arma y no usarla que tener que usarla y no tenerla.

The book itself is simply Law 7 Get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit. When the main book was on the bestseller list, I opened it up expecting a bunch of nice, typical self-help laws.

The Concise 48 Laws of Power

A lot of the current self help genre skirts around the issues that raw fear, uneasiness and anxiety generates. More than I expected to. The author has an unarguably pessimistic view on the world, but I have no doubt in my mind that following these laws religiously in your work and personal life would result in becoming a powerful, socially intelligent and successful person. When so many other people suck it makes it easier ss you to stand out.

The 48 Laws of Power. As for Greene this was my first book I read by him well actually I’m reading it and The 48 Laws of Power at the same time. As 48 Leis do Poder Resumo muito bem feito.