IT at AtekPC. – PMO was introduced to provide standardization in managing IT projects. – Pre-PMO () IT projects are managed by development staff. 7 Jul The AtekPC management is now faced with challenges in the development and deployment of a Project Management Office in the company. 28 Mar The AtekPC Project Management Office Case Study was assigned for this class to provide an overview of the challenges faced by management.

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While progress in this area was constrained by the limited PMO resources, there was a clear agreement even at the CIO level that the PMO was responsible for establishing, publishing, and disseminating project practices, standards, and tools. He believed that atekpc project management office buy-in was needed from the functional areas first. How much PM is enough PM? Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator. Copy code to clipboard. Structural and governance atekpc project management office critical for effective PMO implementation: Cite View Details Purchase.

International Institute for Learning, Inc. offiec

At AtekPC, the current responsibilities atekpc project management office a PMO were limited to IT projects even though there were ongoing discussions about expanding its scope to an enterprise level PMO that offlce include business projects in the future.

It gets hard to acquire resources and to find funding for PMO resources.

For the PMO to prove its value. Harvard Business School Publishing.


The AtekPC Project Management Office

Global Excellence with Chinese Characteristics. Nonetheless, implementing a PMO in a non-PM environment was challenging because it went against the grain of atekpc project management office organizational culture. The mission statement defines achievable and measurable objectives and identifies the responsibilities, and hence services, of the PMO.

The purpose and mission of PMO is to have consistent project practices. Ininformation systems projects were typically operational or maintenance efforts undertaken at the request of a particular functional area. Atekpc project management office structural ogfice determines its degree of centralization, staff allocations, and level of direct project management.

Enterprise-oriented functions are intended to bolster the overall capability of the organization for long-range benefits. Departmentally based Project Management offices are successful in their own silos but not accepted outside their span of influence, and therefore, atekpc project management office unable to influence the organization as a whole. There is something to valuing entrepreneurial spirit and having less structure, however this is a technology company.

Several managers, including those directly involved with the PMO, recognized the need for a larger staff of experts to build standards and methods quickly, and they advocated a rapid, more resource intensive implementation strategy.

Bayyana’s Perspective: The AtekPC Project Management Office

At the one extreme, PMO-heavy was managemrnt by a full staff of project managers who assumed responsibility for the management of all IT projects. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. At atekpc project management office other end of the spectrum, PMO-light was characterized by a minimal staff of experts who worked through internal project managers to perform the responsibilities of the PMO.


To compete in a changing industry where consolidation was getting widespread, Atekpc project management office had implemented a corporate planning office to decide on atekpc project management office an ideal PMO model for atekoc company. According to you what we project managers do is communicating. Constrain to simple back and forward steps. Lecture 2 – Managing Change: There is also no way to accurately budget such a migration without having timelines of steps in place.

Gardner had managemeny expectation that the PMO model would be more heavy than light. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. To provide formal program management office, which incorporates PMO value driven mythologies, while being mindful of the current culture of AtekPC.

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. The Enterprise PMO will oversee the management of all strategically aligned projects.

The AtekPC Project Management Office by Prashant Mishra on Prezi

The PC industry was changing, and AtekPC atekpc project management office dealing with remarkable pressure from larger competitors. If we go too rigid, it will fail. IT projects were typically managed by adding Ovfice responsibilities to one of the development staff who were assigned to specific functional areas.