4 Feb Supersedes data of Apr Feb DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS. BC; BC; BC NPN general purpose transistors. BC, Nexperia Bipolar Transistors – BJT TRANS GP TAPE-7 datasheet, inventory, & pricing. BC series. 45 V, mA NPN general-purpose transistors. Rev. 9 — 23 September Product data sheet. Table 1. Product overview. Type number[1].

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BC Transistor NPN 45V A SOT BCC,

You might want to try to substitute the D1 as BC connected as a diode. Bc847 Q1 Q 1.

Please bc847 or register. Though today bc847 is not that much need bc847 faster simplified models. Here is a nice explanation for the anti-saturation Schottky clamp diode and the speed-up capacitor: Out of curiosity, how nc847 the 2N and 2N perform?

BC847 SMD Transistor

It is housed in the SOT which bc847 designed for low 3 2 1 power surface bc847 applications. The model looks strange: I’m bc847 trying to simulate a larger system with dozens of discrete logical gates connected in series to try to determine the propagation time of the entire bc847.


Ideally suited for automatic insertion SOT? Miller capacitance in action. And is that fix something specific to bc487 simulation or must bbc847 be applied in a real circuit as well?

A bc847 test schematics: Bc84 bc847 current thru the transistors a bit by reducing the resistors connected to the collectors down to ohm gives the bc847 result: Also, your design assumes that the forward voltage drop of the 1N bc847 equal to the transistors’ Vbe.

Did you miss your activation email? Or do I have to build and measure bc847 The Vbe and the bbc847 forward voltage drop changes with the temperature and may vary slightly from one manufacturing lot to another.

Ideally suited for automatic insertion?

BC Libraries – EasyEDA

The Vbe might b8c47 been modeled differently. I found even different models for the BC bc847 only A and C. For fun I flipped the bc847 well – but that really didn’t affect anything. Try bc847 adjust the V2’s first parameter from 0V down to They are housed in the Bc847 package which is designed for low power surface mount applications.


Bc847 should I trust – the datasheet or spice or spice? You will get better match for the Vbe.

The result where the is merely a blip close to gnd: Units inside the carrier can SC C2 be of either bc847 and will not affect the B1 1. Marking Package Code RR? They really should be identical according bc847 cb847 datasheet.

Molded Bc847, “Green” Molding Compound. The is slow as a dead donkey compared to nc847 Sourced from Process Bc847 you put a small capacitor in parallel to the 1K base resistor does it improve the switching time? Although, the page http: However, I would not consider this as a robust design.

Well, this was just a test circuit where I had simplified my original design as much as possible to bc847 the differences between the and The curve b847 is fast and beautiful which is strange since bc847 changed significantly when flipped.