Brigham Young University Campus Map. Get or Share Directions To Any Building at BYU. Link to this map: 21 Jun A brief summary of the item is not available. Add a brief summary about the item. Web Mapping Application by geospatial_services. Created. pdf of a basic BYU-Idaho campus map. Click on the picture above to see a pdf file of the layout of the BYU-Idaho campus. (Click here for shuttle routes).

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It has collections of anthropological materials, largely dealing with the indigenous inhabitants of the Americas.

The old Cannon center in general filled the same function and role as the current building. Students share a kitchen byu campus map a common area.

Directions and Maps

History of BYU Grounds. The Joseph Smith Memorial Building was the third building on the upper campus.

Planning for the center took 12 years, and 60 percent of the cost was paid by students. Despite being intended for engineering, when it was first built it also housed the English and other departments cam;us to the severe lack of adequate office space on campus.

Eyring who was a BYU professor. This building, with its primary focus on science and liberal byu campus map classes, rarely houses fine arts classes and has multiple pianos in it. The area named for Mrs. Named for John Longden Mormon. Drive south to byu campus map second traffic signal; turn right west onto Campus Lane N.

Bu 25 August The floor was named after Lucy B.

Starting in BYU purchased large amounts of land to fill out the planned area of the byu campus map. Aspen Grove Family Camp began as the byu campus map for summer school. Named after Abraham O.


This building was built to store paper for byu campus map by BYU Press. The BYU Creamery Outlet and its related locations serve as grocery stores for the campus and provides freshly made dairy products.

Brigham Young University began conducting “studies abroad” in Jerusalem in Turn left west onto Campus Lane. McKay who also served as a general authority. Kimballthe SWKT often pronounced as “Swicket” is the tallest building on campus and also the tallest building in Provo. This was a former school of the Alpine School District.

Illinois State University Updates: Located byu campus map the current site of the Harold B. The student health service had begun in and been located in a small frame building by the Eyring Science Center until moving to this location. It was built while the old Cannon Center was still in operation and so is located slightly north and east of the old building. A quick update to make the status bar visible. For more information, please click on each thumbnail to enlarge each map below or if you have questions contact us.

Please keep them coming! In the fall of most of the Brigham Young Academy functions were consolidated into this building.

Brigham Young University Campus Map

byu campus map Another renovation was done in which expanded the structure. A outdoor classroom in South-western Utah. Original site of BYU Motion picture studio. The first phase had as its architect Lawrence D.

Used for ecological research in a desert setting. The complex contains a laundromat, a convenience store, a BYU Creamery store, and a multipurpose building which houses the Wyview office byu campus map a chapel for LDS wards.

Planetarium Calendar

The Crabtree Building houses the School of Technology and the Mechanical Engineering Department, as well as offices, classrooms, laboratories, and a large study area.


It was BYU’s only auditorium until The byu campus map was located between Provo and Springville.

It later was used as the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory. BYU sold the building inafter which various merchants tried to set up shop there, normally lasting only a few byu campus map at best. McDonaldformer president of BYU. It’s incredible to see all mxp byu campus map people use the app, and reading your comments is the highlight of my day. Originally the upper portion was designated the Knight Mangum Building while the lower portion was designated the Social Hall.

After crews spent several weeks of removing hazardous material from the building, it was demolished beginning May 21, Take the first left to the Visitor Parking Lot. This building was originally built as the engineering building. Named for Thomas E.

The building also has conference rooms, two large ballrooms, a movie theatre, a full-service copy center, a post office and a bowling alley are among its many facilities. This program was very successful and, byu campus map years later inChurch leaders decided to build a structure that would serve both the needs of the university and the Mormon community in Jerusalem.

In additions to this, the campus telephone exchange was located in the byu campus map basement. When it was built it housed the Computer Science, Math and Statistics departments. Have a wonderful summer!