In this practical, comprehensive handbook on deliverance, Derek Prince shares his own struggle with demons and addresses the fears and misconceptions. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any This book is distributed to the United Sta Expelling Demons. 24 Pages·· Jesus never sent anyone out to preach the Gospel without specifically instructing and equipping them to take action against demons in the same way that He.

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He became a Christian when he read through the New Testament in the Greek as a philosophical endeavor.

Christians often tend to be one-sided in their approach to the issue of deliverance. After a while, as I continued to pray for the man, what seemed to be the last demon spoke out from the man and said, “I’m unclean. Her father was a Pentecostal pastor, her husband a Pentecostal Bible student and her brother-in-law a Pentecostal minister. Some place all their emphasis on the actual process of expelling a demon.

They Shall Expel Demons: What You Need to Know about Demons—Your Invisible Enemies by Derek Prince

This was true in my personal confrontation with demons. Thus the adjective daimonios indicates some connection with a daimon.

She was a solid Pentecostal, saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit since childhood. As I came to the words in verse 3, “the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness” xiv, emphasis added -also remons “a spirit of despair” NIV and “a spirit of fainting” NASB -I could read no further.

To my surprise I sensed the Lord respond, Yes, this is from Me. Over the centuries he has built up in the minds of Christians a barrier of fear and superstitious ignorance keeping us from acknowledging either the truths of Scripture or the facts of experience.


Every chapter is important. I don’t think so. Second, Satan defames the character of all those who in any way represent God. Sharon never came back to our church.

They Shall Expel Demons: What You Need to Know about Demons – Your Invisible Enemies (audio)

Sixth, it was this dramatic confrontation with a demon in the synagogue that launched Jesus into His public ministry. You have been cut down to the earth, You who have weakened the nations! It is one thing to say to a person, “You are subject to demonic influence. After another battle, it, too, came out.

I have now read this book twice. Finally, her strength beginning to return, she stood up. Let me say, as graciously as possible, that evangelism that does not include the casting out of demons is not New Testament evangelism. Parents who are into the occult, while not necessarily passing a demon on to their kids, bring their kids into a demonic environment.

The third expression, evil spirit, is used six times in Luke and Acts. Each week a person would come to the Lord or I would witness a miracle of healing or some other demonstration of the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. The way He began was the right way, and He never needed to improve on it.

Often there looms in the background the dark shadow of a generational curse or a curse from occult sources.

This makes it all the more remarkable that this ministry has been largely ignored by the contemporary Church in many parts of the world.

Most Christians seemed to consider it so obvious that it did not need support from Scripture. That simple faith, combined with his pragmatic braininess, made for someone that I trust to listen to.

They Shall Expel Demons: What You Need to Know about Demons—Your Invisible Enemies

Queues were long, tempers frayed. Jesus did not separate one from the other. From that point on, we see Jesus dealing with demons wherever He encountered them during the three and a half years of His public ministry.


The main thrust of the attacks was to induce in me reactions or attitudes of pessimism. I thought about an aspect of my father’s character that had always puzzled me. So, should we Expel demons like Derek Prince insists? The Bible shows us clearly that the Apostles spoke in foreign languages of their day Miraculously.

It’s fun to relate these anecdotes to friends, or else open the book at random and begin preaching with fire and brimstone, but then I remember that there are serious, actual people who believe this – not crazy people, but perfectly well-balanced individuals with homes and jobs and wives just looking for meaning in their life.

In Samaria it was “Christ. I was reading the opening verses of Isaiah 61, which describe the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in bearing testimony to the message of the Gospel-verses Jesus applied to Himself in the synagogue in Nazareth see Luke 4: A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls together and burned them publicly. For a clear picture of how Jesus dealt with demons, we need to combine the two accounts of Mark and Luke.

Lord, is this from You? Apr 29, Rudolf Lobo rated it it was amazing. For the next hour or more, they came out one by one, naming themselves as they did.