Principles of Esoteric Healing. Front Cover. Dion Fortune. Sun Chalice Books, Sep 1, – Body, Mind & Spirit – pages. Title, Principles of Esoteric Healing. Author, Dion Fortune. Editor, Gareth Knight. Contributor, Gareth Knight. Edition, 2, illustrated. Publisher, Thoth Publications. Principles of Esoteric Healing by Dion Fortune, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Time and again one sees problems being thrown up by individual occultists or schools trying to come to terms with the Christ force. Church goers current and lapsed will be familiar with the Sunday Collects which are part of rortune liturgy of the Anglican Church.

That this did not come to pass is another matter. There princoples 83 in all, and you can follow the Church year with them or just dip in and find the one that resonates with you at that time, for their themes are Universal. They are caused by the same kind of hidden conditions, a difference of potential electrical or spiritual between the above and the below. There is also evidence hea,ing suggest that Dion Fortune had a qualm or two as to whether she had gone too far in revealing esoteric secrets in The Mystical Healnig.

She gave lectures at the Marylebone Spiritualist Association and wrote some articles for Light a weekly newspaper of the spiritualist movement since that is still published as a quarterly journal by the College of Psychic Studies.

Gareth Knight] Another collection of Dion Fortune articles from the s, all on the subject of ritual, with companion articles by Gareth Knight. It has never been out of prinicples since first published and deservedly so.

It is not a workbook but provides much very useful information as to how magic works. This is still regarded as one of the best manuals on psychic attack and gives an insight into the type of phenomena that might be encountered and how to deal with them.

Suddenly, out of thin air, it seemed that Jesus, the Risen Christ, simply walked into the room. It is in some ways a transitional book, combining elementary esoteric theory relating to the seven planes with her earlier concerns about social and sexual problems as a psychotherapist. The Orange Ray describes the study of symbolism and its manipulation in ceremonial or visualised forms, frequently in terms of the Tree of Life of the Qabalah.

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Knight began his esoteric training in as a member of the Fraternity of the Inner Lightfounded by occultist Dion Fortune. Thus those not capable of appreciating the three-fold nature of the Mysteries, as expressed by Dion Fortune, will ever be lumbered with somewhat dim and distorting spectacles, only able to register the limited wavelengths to which they happen to be focused.

Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

Principles of Esoteric Healing : Dion Fortune :

The title for the latest American edition is prefixed with the name of the town so that no-one need be in any doubt as to where Avalon is in Dion Fortune’s psychogeography.

Their initial idea to found an esoteric clinic never came to fruition but a mass of material was gathered in the course of their little publicised healing work, which combined esoteric knowledge with professional medical heaoing.

Unexpected as fotrune event was, it is not a theory I subscribe to, nor is it confirmed in the esoteric diaries of those actively involved at the time.

She engages him to restore and decorate an old sea fort. In the end they find happiness in a lasting relationship in which he represents the role of sun hero to her earth maiden. In the course of a primciples spanning more than 50 years, Knight has written extensively on esoteric topics, mostly about the Qabalah. Foreword to the latest edition by Gareth Knight.

Dion Fortune’s Magical Battle of Britain [ed. Aspects of Occultism A companion volume to Applied Magic with much the same provenance.

Principles of Esoteric Healing

The title possibly belies its contents which are a frank discussion on attitudes towards sex and sexuality, and the control and sublimation of the sex force into higher spiritual energy for the greater good.

Dion Fortune, Psychic Self Defence: Her first published work of fiction as Dion Fortune, this is a collection fortine short studies or case studies into paranormal pathologies and is still deemed her best fictional work by many of her fans. I was recently reminded of this when approached by someone seeking information about her, and whose preconceptions were so inaccurate as to be bizarre. The Purple Ray denotes principlss mysticism, a fion approach to the spirit, and the devotional way usually expressed in the West in Christian terms.


It was always intended that they should be put together as a book although it was unfortunately not published until now.

Gareth Knight

After introductory chapters dikn set down some basic esoteric concepts for the beginner she discusses and explains the esoteric aspects of relationships, not only in marriage and partnerships but also in groups and families. Cammell, then editor of Lightwas given the highly unusual privilege of being invited to the headquarters of the Society to attend trances at which Dion Fortune was the medium.

It continues through pprinciples evolving of the Great Entities, the Lords of Flame and Form, the planets, the birth of consciousness and the building of the planes, the evolution of the seed atoms that become the life swarms of humanity, and the Universal Laws idon which we must all exist. This is a charming collection of early poetry and prose. The Problem of Purity reflects some of her counselling advice in the early days of psychology in a sexually guilt ridden society.

Butler to create a correspondence course in Qabalah ; this course later formed the basis of the Servants of the Light school of occult training.

Two books in one. Some intermittent inner unpleasantness from an oriental source certainly went on for those sensitive enough to receive it, of which Margaret Lumley Brown bore the brunt, principes it seems that all was satisfactorily resolved by August of