eCATT (extended Computer Aided Test Tool) is an SAP Testing Tool used to automate & test business scenarios in SAP R/3. Each test that was executed on. eCATT Tutorial submitted by Sumeet Kaul. eCATT- An Introduction eCATT- Extended Computer Aided Test Tool. Introduction to eCATT. The Extended Computer. What and when you need to test in the SAP Solution Lifecycle; The advantages of eCATT for testing SAP systems compared with other automated test tools; How.

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Wcatt the test results shows error then the problem can be analyzed using the error log that is generated by the system. Each test that was executed will generate a detailed log that ecatt tutorial give the test process and results. In this blog, we would discuss the basic concepts regarding eCATT and how to develop a test script and test yutorial to upload a test data file with a practical ecatt tutorial.

You can see the below screen:. The third step is to create the test scripts themselves. Select the material views, organizational elements as required and follow the views of the material master. Now click on the SAVE icon and save as a local ecatt tutorial or place into a development class package so that it can be transported. As with the CATT the foreground method of execution is very helpful when ecatt tutorial to troubleshoot errors in the test script.


Finally, ecatt tutorial assemble the test configurations from the other eCATT objects. You can see the below screen: Have a question on SAP?


eCATT Tutorial and Step-by-Step Guide

What does my system landscape look like? Your screen should look similar to the one shown below:.

The message appears at ecatt tutorial bottom of the screen. After reading this blog, you will have understanding ecatt tutorial eCATT tool. Click on the UI control and specify whether you would like to execute in the foreground or background. SCAT transaction which was now obsolete, where extensively used till 4.

eCATT Tutorial and Step-by-Step Guide

Insert the respective required field and save the recording. Input parameter values needs to be manually appended ceatt by screen Sub Screens. Data migration is a process of transferring the data from one system to another or could be from legacy to a new system.

Without a system data container, you cannot write test tutoorial that access other systems. This icon indicates a variable is present. You must change it to ecatt tutorial value as shown in the next screen. You will see ecatt tutorial following screen: Click the enter System will start Record the function that you are attempting to perform i. Sample Specs What’s Hot? Wcatt this Example I have ecatt tutorial same name as Test Ecatt tutorial.

Note the icon on screen 1 has changed from the Green Square. The first step is ecatt tutorial define what you want to test within the scope of your project.

This is done by opening the Dynpro menu and going through each numbered screen to review your input.

SAP eCATT Step by Step Guide

System will start recording the Transaction. This tutorial is intended for test developers new to eCATT. Enter the name of the Test Ecatt tutorial you would like to execute. Use information on this site at your own risk. What applications am I going to test?


ecatt tutorial

Now click on the Variants tab ecatt tutorial you should see the following screen: Because of huge volume of data, Business from management perspective would always looks for an automated way to maintain these data without much manual interventions. Any suggestions and improvements towards this document will ecatt tutorial be welcomed. Then click execute and you are done.

Introduction to SAP eCATT run by SECATT

By the end, you should be able to use thtorial to create reusable test cases for testing remote ecwtt. It is always preferred to name the custom script name by starting with Z or Y. And you will be able to create a test script and test configuration in which test data can be loaded from a file. We look ecatt tutorial to ecatt tutorial thoughts – Send us a Message! Scripting has been enabled.

You can choose your Ecatt tutorial tutorlal. What data do I need to feed into the tests? Please Signup to remain Informed of New Blogs! Now double-click on the interface.

Accept the default name and directory and click save, here file will be saved in text format ex: You then need to consider the data that you will need to run the tests.

The test configuration will normally default to the background. System will start Record the function that you are ecatt tutorial to perform i. The configurations can then be assigned to ecatt tutorial users for testing.