New releases in History/Latin America . Jeffrey D. (); El Saqueo Cultural De America Latina/ The Cultural Plunder Of Latin American: De La Conquista A. The period of Conquest of Latin America and the Caribbean – roughly .. [1] Fernando Baez, El saqueo cultural de América Latina, Random. Báez is considered a world authority on the history of libraries. From the plundering of the cultural heritage of all Latin America beginning in the sixteenth .

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The bust follows a series of other anti-corruption operations this year, as well as extradition requests for a number of Venezuelan criminals living abroad.

Sedikit demi sedikit buku akan hancur dengan sendirinya. He supplies a tonne of information but he also includes enough whys and the significance of the loss to keep the book alive. Selanjutnya masih di bagian ini penulis mengungkap berbagai kejadian penghancuran buku di Mesir, Yunani, Israel, Cina, Romawi, beserta kisah berdiri dan runtuhnya perpustakaan Alexandria dan perpustakaan kuno lainnya.

To ask other readers questions about A Universal History of the Destruction of Booksplease sign up. Featured Dec 20th Baez pays special tribute to scholars and enthusiastic amateurs who, as labors of love, researched and created their own monographs and catalogues of lost titles.

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Jan 16, Evan rated it liked it Shelves: He is a member of the International Centre of Arab Studies and advises various governments on the destruction of cultural heritage. Persamaan antara kedua-dua penulis adalah mempunyai ilmu tentang buku dan perpustakaan yang sangat banyak. Dan ketika ini, hati sendiri menempelak.

I don’t know why I do things like this to myself. Fray Diego de Landa wrote what the conquerors did to the Mayas: Danger and the Socialism for the New Millennium, http: They are among the poorest of the poor, excluded, marginalized, suffering misery, and hounded by landowners, miners, and multinational companies that covet their lands and resources. They systematically destroyed their original records, the learning, the music, the theatre, and dance of the original peoples throughout the vast region.


Indeed, this book proved a little harder for me to get through than I thought it would, considering how much passion I have for the subject; it reads like a textbook, with the myriad horrors perpetrated against the written record presented in stark tones with very little editorializing. The genocide of the Mexican people was unbelievable, unprecedented: Indeed, in order to successfully grab power, it has been the sine qua non that the putative dictator must have the okay of the local USA embassy.

To see what your friends thought ferhandez this book, please sign up. It’s a great book, and maybe an essential read. Throughout the region, 60, progressive reformers, socialists or communists were victims of this genocide.

It rejects the Asqueo “war against terrorism”stating there is no terrorism in our America, but there is an ideologically defined civil war in Colombia. From there on the book just got worse, because in our “modern” world, books are destroyed by the tens, the hundreds of thousands.

Ironically, the immense fortune that Spain obtained from the Americas was spent -not on industry or investment in the development of Spain itself- but saquel the idle aristocracy on conspicuous consumption, and huge estates. There are many histories on and of the book, but there are none devoted to exploring not the creation of book, but its destruction. In other words, the USA has militarized its interactions with the region. Unfortunately, what followed was pages of vignettes listing what those destructions, arranged without theme or order beyond chronology.


Waqueo is not the driest book I’ve ever read, by a long shot, but it’s not terribly scintillating either.

Spanish Monographs in: Global Studies Directory

Contoh terbaik adalah Hitler. Antara buku bukan fiksyen yang membuatkan hatiku menajdi sebak kala membacanya. Fica-se a pensar no quanto desconhecemos hoje devido ao desaparecimento de tantos e tantos registos Nov 24, Christina fl it it was amazing Shelves: Let’s say it’s like a tasty and enriching tapas meal suspended in Jello. Buku-buku sejarah tentang peradaban Sumeria juga tidak terkecuali menjadi mangsa oleh kerakusan tentera Amerika Syarikat.

Kalau ada yang baru, takkan sama nilainya. This fortune was the fruit of the slave work of indigenous peoples and African people. Ternyata usaha penulis selama 12 tahun mengkaji sejarah penghancuran buku ini wajar dihargai generasi hari ini.

US Oil companies and corporations and associations, acted as a socializing agent to produce leaders for Venezuela in business, politics, the armed forces, and the police. The great nation of the Caribes in Venezuela, who ferociously defended its land and freedom, was laid waste by men such as these.

From Conquistadores, Dictators and Multinationals to the Bolivarian Revolution

To this day, many deny that inequality has roots in racism. Not content with the “normal” extraction of resources, the multinational companies, with their partners, the IMF and the World Bank came up with the package of policies that would extend markets further into areas previously run by governments. This work is licensed under a Public Domain Creative Commons license. Apabila kita mula berhenti membaca.