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Make+Your+Own+Natural+Soaps:+All+Vegetable+Herbal+Recipes Studienunterlagen

At the end of vdgetale course the students must: Course news Seminars related to the course. Post-transcriptional gene silencing as a resistance mechanism against viral pathogens.

Prontuario di entomologia merceologica e urbana. Fondamenti di patologia vegetale. Structure, function beli evolution of plant resistance genes. The didactic method is based on ppt elementi di patologia vegetale belli 4 ECTS provided in copies to the studentsin addition laboratory experiences and guided tours inside farms will be organized in order to put into practice what the students paotlogia learned in class 2 ECTS. Plant disease model caused by fungi, bacteria, mollicutes and viruses, of important crops.


Detailed life cycle for Plasmopara viticola, Erysiphe necator, Venturia inaequalis, Botrytis cinerea, Puccinia graminis. Main knowledge and skills that the students will acquire are: Basic concepts of plant disease epidemiology: PhD programmes and post graduate training.

The student can consult any of the text ddi, for the study of the discipline we recommend the following books:. Discussion of scientific articles. Trophic levels, interactions, semiochemicals.

Unipg courses offered – Academic Year /

Control with physical, biological, biotechnological and chemical methods. Piccin Nuova Libraria Materials downloaded from Unistudium https: Identification, biology, ecology, damage and management of the main pests of food crops. Search in the whole University Site.

Control methods chemical, biological, biotechnical control and monitoring. Diagnosis of plant pathogens with traditional, molecular and serological techniques. Set up plant disease diagnosis. Contact the lecturer through e-mail or phone. Potato Virus Y, flavescence doree, olive knot, downy ri powdery mildews of grapevine, apple scab, grapevine gray mold, cereal elementi di patologia vegetale belli, smuts and bunts of cereals, tomato fusarium wilt.

Generality, infectious process and aggression factors of phytopathogenic viruses, prokaryotes, fungi and oomycetes. Riassunto – libro “Elementi di Patologia Vegetale” di G.


Elementi di patologia vegetale – Giuseppe Belli – Google Books

Manuale di Zoologia agraria. Dipartimento Di3A, Elementti Elementi di patologia vegetale belli. Taxonomy, bioecology, damage and integrated management. Check the Teaching calendar on the web site: The student can consult any of the text field, for the study of the discipline we recommend the following books: Datar; George Foster; Madhav V. How to reach us.

Ability to apply the acquired knowledge in agricultural entomology. Bachelor’s degrees Master’s degrees Master’s degrees no longer running.

Phytopathogenic viruses, prokaryotes, fungi and oomycetes. Text size Normal Large Very large. Non-host resistance and race-specific resistance.