6 – Firmas de Palo Monte .. 5 – Palo Mayombe el legado vivo de africa en Palo Mayombe Spirits Rituals Spells the Dark Side of Santeria. Pati Mpemba (Firmas) There are different approaches to drawing the pati mpemba within the Palo community. In my own Rama, the approach is primarily. 3 Apr Working the Patimpemba / Firmas Nsala Maleko, The patimpemba (also known as the Firma) is a spiritualized drawing that connects the.

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Especially when one is anitiated then left to the four winds firmas de palo mayombe.


If your Tata has given you a firma that firmas de palo mayombe a certain thing, please ask the right questions and come to understand it! I was raised a catholic but no llonger attend church. April 25, at We bless it with smoke and rum, build our packets and place our fula as necessary.

In my own Rama, the approach is primarily inspirational; we begin with the understanding the basic principles behind the lines, circles, crosses and firmaw that we use. I have a slightly different method.

Palo Mayombe Con tierra na ma, yo compungo mi Nganga, Con tierra maymobe ma. These represent the Dead, a particular Nkisi we are working with, etc.


Palo Mayombe – Pati Mpemba (Firmas)

The patimpemba becomes alive with power, mqyombe first it must be meaningful. Only then can spirit inspire us to create the firma correctly, and the natural path our circles and crosses allowed to manifest. I am so elated to learn. The Patimpemba is communication with Spirit and Reality; you have to be saying something with intent for it to meaningful and therefore powerful. Where two lines cross there is a tension, a friction of powers. June 22, at 2: These things must all be considered before building the patimpemba.

What spiritual force are we working with to accomplish the goal?

Very informativehave read postings on other sites with virtually no info or as you put it meaning. It will then be reviewed by Lulu Staff to determine palp next course of action. Notes zeert liked this. Mxyombe informativehave read postings on other sites with virtually no info or as you put it meaning. Como Leer Los Iyamputos o Chamalongos. Location of Infringing Material Identify each web page that allegedly contains infringing material.


Is this work to be continuous, or something with a beginning and end? His experience has given him a number of useful constructions to draw from, and his connection to spirit allows it to blossom with real meaning and power in the moment.


Please verify your birth date to continue. What is the goal of the work?

Questions must be asked, and the answers included in the structure of the patimpemba. The chamalongo that falls closest to the crossroad is first and in the firmas de palo mayombe left where the sun rises on the Yowa, the congo cosmogram.

I am so elated to learn.

I was raised a catholic but no llonger attend church. Some nganguleros simply let the flow of power through them guide their hand and determine the nature of these expressions. What is the goal of the work? Garbage in, garbage out. dirmas

Your words are saying one thing, and your patimpemba another. You must be logged in to post a comment. As I type I find myself looking elsewhere to fill my religious void. Address Address is required.

This is movement of power that is endless, having neither beginning nor end. Notes bellezamystika reblogged this from palomayombe.