Gujarati boy and Gujarati girl names. Welcome to ‘s Gujarati baby names collection (Gujarati Names Namavali). Our latest list of more than 20, Gujarati Boy Names Starting With A. Baby Names With Their Meanings, Rashi, Nakshatra, Gender, Religion, Similar Names And Name, Meaning, Add to Fav . Find unique Gujarati boy names and their meaning for your baby | તમારા બાળક માટે Gujarati baby boy names | ગુજરાતી છોકરા ના નામ Name.

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Kirat Honest; Lord Shiva. Adeel Judge; Honest; Just. Balvant Powerful; Strong; Full of Might.

Gujarati Baby Boy Names –

Aurva Grandson of Rishi Bhrigu. Goswamee Master of Cows. Jayachand Ancient King of Kannauj.

Kasish Attraction; Lord Shiva. Gurudutt Gift of the Guru. Lalitmohan Beautiful and Attractive. Japendra Lord of Chants; Lord Shiva.


Maniram Jewel of a Person. Gangadutt Gift of Ganga. Lalitlochan One with Beautiful Eyes. Gaganvihari One who Stays in Heaven. Jaichand Victory of the Moon. Luv Son of Lord Rama. Omesh Luchy; Lord of the Om. Chatrapati Saviour of All; Lord of Umbrella.

Gujarati Boy Names

Jaymit Always Win; Friendly. Kapirath Lord Rama; Arjun.

Devdas Servant of God. Danila God is the Judge.

Preetidutt Gifted with Love. Kalapi Name of a Poet; Peacock; Nightingale. Indravan Another Name of Kukuthsu. Jalpesh Gujarati namavali for boy of Water. Ekayavan The Wise One. Henil Foamy; Love with All.

Balmiki Founder of Ramayan; Saint.

Gujarati Boy Names » A

Biren Lord of Warriors. Ikhtiar Master; Authority; Power; Control. Jitul Dear; Who Always Win. Kamadev God of Love. Jwalaprasad Gift of Flame. Loro King of the World; Great Power.