Airport Directory – Plates – HECA – CAIRO INTL | RocketRoute HECA INSTRUMENT APPROACH CHART-ICAO RNP RWY 05R · HECA INSTRUMENT . ILS RWY 05C CAT II ILS RWY 05C A. RNP RWY 05C VOR RWY 05C Runway 05L. ILS OR LOC RWY 05L RNP RWY 05L 7. Jan. Licensed to Cipher. Printed on 18 Jan Notice: After 28 Jan Z, this chart may no longer be valid. Disc J E P P E S E N.

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We wish everyone lots of fun and a good start in the new month! If I get permission from Mathijs I will post the beta test video of the approach later on.

Sections of this page. Join Date Mar Posts I just flew the procedure with the latest beta. Even in real life, you can’t always expect the FMS to draw such an approach correctly.

I am always using trying to be close to an old rule, which a friend of charrts was teaching his students. There is nothing wrong with published charts, but with their interpretation by the FMC. Hope you can follow the logic of the middle digit.


We’ll be waiting for you! The bug will be eventually corrected in the future pro version. Sign in Already have an account?

Everything else is done with radar vectors. From this perspective, it adds to the realism of simulating normal operations!

Make sure you don’t miss it!!! This is what exactly happens in this case – the localizer is captured, but the plane is above the glide slope already and only fast manual descend can capture it, which is not so easy.

I know this is not exactly the answer you where hoping for. Here is how the navigation computer of the bus interprets all the above. The why and the what can be done are easy.

ILS approach RWY 23R in HECA – Auto Flight, Manual Flight – AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES

So it’s time to prepare your charter routes and fly in Marsa Alam as well as we fully yeca the airport and its The glide slope will be available at point P or D5. I did create a video, however it was 1.

Most important of those doubts was how the computer is actually interpreting the charts?

Book your slot now: According to this rule the charte speed in ideal conditions, or fair weather depends on the distance from the runway. However I will try to explain in writing. You can also review our updated Privacy Policy at https: I strongly feel that the speed is not the main issue in the situation.



Here an example of how it should look like. Summarizing all the above, I feel that following can be concluded:.

Hope my thoughts in the previous post were clear enough. If they fix it it will be in the professional edition not V1.

Airport Directory – Plates – HECA – CAIRO INTL | RocketRoute

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The entire idea is that the actual chart is different from the actual computer interpretation and such “trick” may help. All times are GMT I’ll respectfully disagree that speed is not a problem with such an approach, as the faster you’re going the wider your turns are going to be and this can certainly through the aircraft off enough to miss a successful localizer and glideslope intercept.

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