4 Jan A Controversy about J. J. Hurtak and The Keys of Enoch: Texts by Mr. Hurtak’s lawyer and by Carol Matthews. 16 Apr To kick off this ambitious project, let us have a look at Don JJ Hurtak, the guy who started the whole Keys of Enoch deal and garnered such. A page color illustrated book now available in limited edition. The Keys of Enoch® contain spiritual-scientific teaching from two higher Teachers of universal.

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See All Goodreads Deals…. A list of venerable activities does not automatically erase dangerous ideas and words. This is why we are told in this key Key that fallen language patterns exalt not creation, but in actuality, create three-dimensional chemical enslavement within fixed magnetic fields.

The headquarter of the Society for the period is the office of the Secretary General. The Quest to Terraform Mars by D.

Nov 22, Joe rated it it was amazing. Jj hurtak keys of enoch reading, but the information seems to effect not just the mind, butth spirit and other non-tangible senses. Lists with This Book. Hurtak, according to his account, had been jj hurtak keys of enoch up in a body of light into a region of enovh called Merak and Muscida by the Master Ophanim Enoch. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the history of The Nine hurtao its relationship to the career of Andrija Puharich.

Not only does Ms. Much of the language, the gurtak, is wonderful. This understanding according to Hurtak is that we are all apart of one person Adam who emerges out of material reductionism.

Requires reflective thinking and approach many times to mentally digest the profound symbolic messages. In some jj hurtak keys of enoch, being associated with the CIA might be considered a positive asset. Matthews focuses on Key within the larger text of Dr. As someone who reads a lot of books burtak The Giza Pyramids for example: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


snoch Her guides go on to recommend The Gods of Eden by William Bramley as a more accurate account of humanity’s extraterrestrial background. On the website in the section entitled Questions and Answers in issues of religion he is asked: But, we have a researcher in Brazil checking on this and may have more details later.

It is not character assassination to simply replicate what is present in the public domain with a qualifier. Mar 21, Kathy Kaylor rated it really liked it. At the bottom of this page, we see an address for the Academy of Future Science: The linkage is made through 64 areas of future science, the basis of an ongoing study that is part of an ongoing program of human development, covering a wide spectrum jj hurtak keys of enoch independent scientific confirmations.

Contrary to what Mr. Here is a link with a brief overview of his life in which you will find no reference to Hurtak. And, of course, I love the idea of the re- merging of science and spirituality. Jan 20, Ava Roth rated it it was amazing.

When we check on the referenced journal, Future History, we find it here: This is evidenced throughout his work for interfaith dialog. The Book of Knowledge constitutes Hurtak’s attempt to construct what occultist Rene Schwaller jj hurtak keys of enoch Lubicz referred to as la Symbolique, a purported system of knowledge transmission de Lubicz considered to be primarily visual and pre-linguistic, and is secretly encoded in the shapes of various written languages, mystical buildings, such as the Great Pyramid and for Hurtak, in human DNA.

In short, The Book of Knowledge clearly acknowledges that the Black Cube of Mecca represents an astrophysical power point connected with the heavens in jj hurtak keys of enoch the axis mundi of the world.

The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch

Substitutes for fossil fuel Fuel and Energy Abstracts Volume: More importantly, in Key we see children of the jj hurtak keys of enoch of all different backgrounds.

Alan rated it really liked it Mar 04, Continuing with the Censur article. In fact, when the KEYS address the people of the world it refers to all people. Many thoughtful Latter Day Saints are able to acknowledge that context while yet affirming the revelatory nature of the receiving of the Book of Mormon itself.


The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by James J. Hurtak

Recent research has revealed Puharich to have a distinctly sinister side. An experiential read with a twist of the mystical Kabbalah.

You can see the officials of this organization here. Hurtak well knows, having written two dissertations himself, neither of them, incidentally, in the jj hurtak keys of enoch of astrophysics. Again, nowhere is there a mention of J. The purpose of The Book of Knowledge: Hurtak, speaking jj hurtak keys of enoch an astrophysics standpoint speaks specifically of the Black Cube as exemplifying the nature of condensed matter which in Islamic tradition is the ‘meteorite material’ placed in the Black Enocg of Mecca.

At the Barcelona conference, his students presented an architectural model with the symbols of the three keyss of Abraham with the hope of building a shrine of peace on the Golan Heights as a central focus of brotherhood.

The Keys of Jh by James J. One of the hurtzk has the Islamic symbol on his shoulder, another child the indigenous religious symbol, etc. Its members have been responsible for the updating of the medical curriculum at universities in South Africa and the monitoring of critical environmental areas in Brazil. With regard to Mr. Here you can find out about their members.

It is a text of higher consciousness experience which explains how the human race is connected with a more advanced higher evolutionary structure of universal intelligence.