Kalama Sutta: The Buddha’s Charter of Free Inquiry The Kalamas who were inhabitants of Kesaputta: “Reverend Gotama, the monk, the son of the Sakiyans, . Kalama Sutta. The people of Kalama asked the Buddha who to believe out of all the ascetics, sages, venerables, and holy ones who, like himself, passed. But does the Kalama Sutta really justify such views? Or do we meet in these claims just another set of variations on that egregious old tendency to interpret the.

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The good repute of the Reverend Gotama has been spread in this way: To question an axiom seems to go against reason, but may be the highest reason.

Buddhist Scriptures: Kalama Sutta

Part of a series on Buddhism History. Tue 28 JanuaryAccess-to-Insight http: This advice can be dangerous if given to those whose ethical sense is undeveloped, and we can thus assume that the Buddha regarded the Kalamas as people of refined moral sensitivity. Suhta Kalamas of Kesaputta ask for guidance from the Buddha 3. They will complete all ten items themselves as they become fully mature adults—if we train children by this standard.

Lecterns and pulpits are the strongest barriers to questioning. Thus it strikes us here. Boastful philosophers like to use this method a great deal and consider it to be clever.

His method is sometimes compared with medical diagnosis and treatment. So the Buddha taught them what is now known as the Kalama Suttaexamined here. Does greed appear in a man for his benefit or harm?

No one knows how to make choices in line with its principle. Rather than supporting skepticism or subjective truths, in the sutta the Buddha continues to argue that the three unwholesome roots greed, hatred and delusion lead to the opposite negative results, i. Should we offer ourselves as guinea pigs to test it, out of belief in the advertisements?


Conscious Creativity See all. Then the Kalamas who were inhabitants of Kesaputta went to where the Blessed One was.

BELIEVE NOTHING: 10 teachings from the Kalama Sutta to defend against intellectual dependence

Then it is possible that at the dissolution of the body after death, I shall arise in the heavenly world, which is possessed of the state of bliss. A democracy of selfish people means freedom to use their selfishness in a most frightening and awful manner. They expound and explain only their own doctrines; the doctrines of others they despise, revile, and pull to pieces. The same holds true in the principle of the Noble Eightfold Path: These teachings are specifically intended for those who have accepted the Buddha as their guide to deliverance, and in the suttas he expounds them only to those who “have gained faith in the Tathagata” and who possess the perspective necessary to grasp them and apply them.

Or how does it strike you? However, for those whose vision is capable of widening to encompass the broader horizons of our existence.

So it is, Sublime one. Political campaigns and religious debate often employ such assertions. However, the Jewish Rabbis teachers relied on reason to interpret the meaning and application surta those laws. Each of these teachers taught that his personal doctrine was the only truth, and that all others before and after him were wrong.


They can be created, improved and changed by human hands. Skip to primary content.

Kalama Sutta – Wikipedia

He next speaks the passage quoted above, advising the Kalamas to abandon those things they know for themselves to be bad and to undertake those things they know for themselves to be good. If one wants to have faith come first, then let it be the faith which begins with wisdom, not faith which comes from ignorance. Even with ordinary advertising, we must kapama on the principle of the Kalama Sutta, to say nothing of needing this principle to deal with outright propaganda, which is full of intentional deceptions.

People often defend a point of view by repeatedly asserting it, usually with rising voices and tempers. This is how to live:. He set forth the Dhamma, good in the beginning, good in the middle, good in the end, possessed of meaning and the letter, and complete in everything; and he proclaims the holy life that is perfectly pure.

Do not worship computers so much, for doing so goes against this principle of the Kalama Sutta. Is the lack of such freedom caused by blind ignorance and indifference regarding the Kalama Sutta? In tradition they become unquestioned.

All people in the world, including the Thai people, suyta now in the same situation as were the Kalama people of Kesaputtanigama, India, during the time of the Buddha. Criticized or praised by the wise?