x ^-^ J ^ A -% A -AAAAAM M ini MJIM& KNOW THYSELF By NA’IM AKBAR, PH.D. MIND PRODUCTIONS Mind Productions & Associates N. Copeland. Know Thyself by Na¶Im Akbar. What distinguishes human life from all other animals on earth is the ability to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is the capacity to . ” How wonderful it is to be taught by a free teacher, a spiritual leader, a member of our family who truly loves the family, an architect of transforming processes.

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Similar self-destructive behaviors are know thyself naim akbar common within the African-American community.

Actually, we can only be human in fhyself highest sense if we have an identity that is our own. Lynecia rated it really liked it Apr 12, But the myth is self-inflicted intellectual segrega- tion.

Those who protest are unwilling to give up their slaves or their know thyself naim akbar slave status. The continuity of civilization from this place in Africa through- out the civilized world is an important part of this aspect of education.

Know Thyself

Righteousness is fitting for a ruler. To allow these teachings is to guarantee our liberation and to guide us toward our divine destiny.

Do not kill for it will not profit you. From the study of the vulture to the study of the beetle, zoology and psychology were intimately connected. Native American children are taught to celebrate the brutal violence of General Custer 10 and Andrew’ Jackson against their people and to know thyself naim akbar condemn their own ancestors who fought to defend their land and their people. If a group of people only study their own achievements then they will engage in a kind of repetitive self-murder that makes them perpetuate the same errors without correction.

This would create jobs in production. Instead, there is the process of exchange or trade where we give someone something that they need know thyself naim akbar order to provide us with something that we need. The discovery of the use of fire transformed know thyself naim akbar beings from that gen- eration forward. We should end up with a model for educational institutions which teac African-Americans, as well as some guidelines for the process of the reeducatio of those African-Americans who have already been miseducated by Institution that did not have their true education in mind.


The coop- eration of Africans with their own exploitation is a consequence of this tribal men- tality of self-rejection that has been learned from these centuries of human exploitation know thyself naim akbar non-African opportunists. The young must be taught that they have a legacy of greatness and accomplishment that they are required to continue. Large numbers of our youth end up it detention facilities, strung-out on drugs or dead in the struggle to manage this infection ot not knowing how to become adults.

This is what money is about and how the economic process operates.

Know Thyself by Na’im Akbar

They began to lden- tifv relationships between the patterns of nature and certain characteristics in human beings. Akbar’s works are excellent thhself of the unique and special approach he has taken to the role of an activist scholar. Not only will this build respect of Africans lor themselves, but other people will gain greater respect for African people as well.

This must be the approach for developing a genuine African-centered education. Such confidence know thyself naim akbar Black inferiority is easily accepted when the education of the entire society fails to make note of the fact that the very origins of science and knowledge in every 1 conceivable arena began with the remarkable and well-docu- mented contributions know thyself naim akbar Black people. The community, on the other hand, has no higher significance than that achieved by respecting the individual contributions of its constituency.

The Study of God This aspect of the education in self-knowledge creates a serious conflict for the European- American educational process.

Such shared experiences kbow help each generation to better grasp the significance of this part of their self. The know thyself naim akbar who learns to love their self also develops respect for the Divine core that is within. Refresh and try again. Very short read, however very good. They learned to determine and predict seasons and estab- lished calendars based on achieving an understanding of the patterns and cycles of nature.

nzim In such societies, out of wedlock pregnancies, revolt against Elders know thyself naim akbar general disrespect for the social order did not occur. In remembering and celebrating him, we are able to ritualistically invoke the recog- nition of all of those tribal ancestors who w-ould not give up and struggled to advance freedom for those of us who were not even bom at the time of their bat- tles.


The Thyslf self is a multidimensional occurrence that is represented within the indi- vidual person, but also transcends the individual; it is in the present, but also tran- scends time. Miseducation actually begins at the level at which the person is taught an alien identity and nothing about their true identity.

This vision would have to be one that offered an environment of moral and spiritual refinement of the human being consistent with the highest values of African people over the ages. Another element of the learning of respect know thyself naim akbar contained in the idea of self- esteem.

See 1 more picture. Woodson was a highly gifted scholar and gradua of the renowned Harvard University, the book is simple, clear and direct.

Akbqr helps you keep track of know thyself naim akbar you want to read. This means that we are only partially locked into the limitations of time and space, because the soul is our timeless nature that actually transcends our physical manifestation.

As one develops a curriculum in the know thyself naim akbar of the African self, there is a natural requirement to know thyself naim akbar God. For the arduous task of senhng a race thus handicapped, however, the Negro graduate has had little or no training at all. The same can be said about electricity, engines, flight, the cau- sation of diseases, etc.

Self-knowledge is the precursor to growth and Liberation. We bring assets that are from the history of our families and from the spiritual domain, as well as some special per- sonality energies that determine how we will interact with the world and accom- plish the tasks of our life.