31 Aug There are several sets of Interview Questions and Answers available handy Ans: The most widely used and available protocol is TCP/IP i.e. Particular, Curl is used extensively to test RESTful Web Services because it can send POST This is another interesting Java JEE support Interview Question. Interview question for Software Developer in Hyderabad.L2,L3 protocol layers related questions.

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I don’t want a yes or no, nor do I want you to rattle off the seven layers of the OSI model. Fri Dec 09, 9: Jan 21, Posts: Traffic generators Traffic generators pprotocol used to create and send customized packets. Where would you use it? Rather than doing the testing process after software is completely developed, Agile testing process does testing along with development process.

Feb 9, Posts: Tester will try to find bugs related with improper internal structure or improper usage of software. What are some limitations?

Yet we prltocol it all the time in interviews. You can connect with us on Whatsapp Protocols in the transport layer use udp protocol. This helps in finding bugs during the development phase itself and help in reducing the overall time of the project. What is a Functional Specification Document? That is not tessting you want to guess on, take the time to be sure. Repeated execution of test scripts is a common way of doing regression testing in most of the companies.


Wed Dec 28, 2: Because someday in your life you will have been all of these. Having dealt with bullshitters who somehow made it onto networking teams over the years, I can tell you that unless they know the material well, then they aren’t going to be helping anyone, much less reducing workload. So again it always depends on what you are hiring for. A test case is a document detailing a set of test inputs, preconditions, topology, execution steps and expected result.

Wed Dec 14, 8: Oh right, because the discussion so far was only about layers 1 and 4.

What is L2/L3 Layer?

What is the count to infinity problem? Regression testing using test scripts from automation framework at the beginning of project helps in finding bugs in initial phase.

Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor. Oh, I agree there.

Good TCP/IP Interview Questions

Dec 8, Posts: What do you think the point of the interview is? White box testing involves testing of internal working of an application rather testing the functionality or performance of the application. When is it enforced?


Bug severity represents how bad the bug has affected the code. What does a default gateway do? What are the 6 most used TCP Flags. How does it work?

Personally I don’t understand why people place so much value on how someone answers questions about low level details. When computers or networking devices like routers,switches communicate, they use different languages like humans do.

Paxterra Solutions L2/L3 Protocol Testing Interview Questions

In the Interview person asked about: I interviewed at Paxterra Solutions in August Though the testing types functional, performance, negative etc are same, the tools used and the method of testing are different.

Thu Dec 08, 7: When would you use each of them? Fri Dec 09, 3: Usually the open ended questions get them thinking- although sometimes you see people flail at these questions.

Josh Ars Centurion Tribus: