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[] Ley que establece el Recurso de Amparo No. , November 30, at Art [] Act that established an Ombudsman for the Dominican. Ley (Dom. Rep.). Ley Orgánica de Amparo sobre Derechos y. Garantías Ley Orgánica 15/, de 25 de noviembre. (Spain). ; MÉXICO: Ley de Amparo, Reglamentaria de Los Artículos y de la que Establece el Recurso de Amparo, ; URUGUAY: Ley No.

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The first is related to the freedom of press and of work and its violation by public authorities and the other one relates to a violation perpetrated by private person. The Writ of Amparo rules enacted by the Supreme Court do concern the protection and enforcement of constitutional rights, with one possible exception— the right to security. However, privacy is protected in various laws, decrees, and in resolutions issued by different state organizations.

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EPIC — Privacy and Human Rights Report

On a first note, when Amparo is in crisis, the solution is leyy the elimination of the remedy, but instead its reform— its adaptation to the growing attraction it unfolds. It may be useful to resort to comparative law and provide certain specific instances, especially those that are characterized by somehow similar circumstances of non-protective and absent States leading to repeated violations of human rights without an adequate judicial remedy available to their citizens.

What is more, it goes hand in hand with the system of checks and balances. Remedies for enforcement of rights. One could say that in no other example, at least in recent times, was the creation of Amparo in a given jurisdiction attended with such pressure and such amount of dramatic need as in the case of the Philippines.


One has to establish rights, for example, by virtue of the adoption of the Bill of Rights, adherence to human rights treaties, and the enactment of legislation.

One of the problems faced by Amparo is the huge numbers of writs filed, flooding competent courts. In his effort to find ways of strengthening the protection, he has started exploring the potential of the Writ of Amparo to fill the gaps in the mantle of protection offered by current law and jurisprudence. Blanket denials without the corresponding diligence to investigate the killing or disappearance are unacceptable under the rule. See also Albano, supra note Can it only repair, or can it also prevent?

Under the umbrella of the Amparo in general, or other terminology used such as constitutional complaint, when one dives into the specific rules in place in a given jurisdiction one will find a multitude of concrete solutions. It contributes too, decisively, but leu cannot guarantee it.

See also Desierto, supra note at ; Albano, supra note 72, at The right to security, though not prominent and not deserving of an autonomous titled consecration, presents itself as a fundamental right embodied in the Constitution and, together with the right to life and the right to liberty, is protected by the Writ of Amparo rules.

Alston noted how the killings have eliminated civil society leaders, human rights defenders, trade unionists, land reform advocates and others who are categorized to be 75 Theoben Orosa, The Role of Judiciaries in Promoting Human Rights: Besides the Amparo and the habeas data, one might add the Writ of Kalikasan, which reinforces human rights judicial protection since its approval on Apr.

The order shall expire five days after the date of its issuance, unless extended for justifiable reasons. If the Amparo is granted, what is the set of powers that the court can use?

EPIC Privacy and Human Rights Report – Dominican Republic

In Amparo, one also can detect the dichotomy of the should 437-0 opposed to the is. It is time to finally conclude this paper, and we will do so by resorting to words of the Supreme Court: In adopting a trinity of the traditional political and civil rights into rights, freedoms, and guarantees, Amparo presents itself in the sub-order of the guarantees.


The genesis and history of the Philippine Writ of Amparo and the writ of habeas data is dramatic. This institute issues penalties to any individual that participates in lley direct or indirect way in the modification, interception, intervention, reception, entrusting, permission, spying, tapping, without judicial order, of any of the telecommunications means that are intended for the general public, leu the secrecy and privacy of the people.

If the respondent is a public official or employee, the return shall further state the actions that have been or will still be taken such as to recover and preserve evidence related to the death or disappearance of the person identified in the petition, which may aid in the prosecution of the person or persons responsible, to identify witnesses and obtain statements, to identify and apprehend the person or persons involved in the death or disappearance, and to bring the suspected offenders before a competent court.

The policy is to require revelation of all evidence relevant 437–06 the resolution of the petition. Anakpawis, Bayan Muna and Gabriela, etc. However, the leu lists in other legal systems, albeit limited, are more extensive in quantity. The genealogy of the Amparo in the Philippines can and, we assume, should also be traced back lye other forums such as bar examinationswhich may somehow be surprising and humorous. Guarantee of what, one may ask?