The Flying Saucer Conspiracy by Major Keyhoe [Major Donald E Keyhoe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. January, TRUE Magazine article by Donald E. Keyhoe ‘The Flying Saucers he has done for TRUE none has been so significant and timely as this one. Donald E. Keyhoe, Writer: Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. Donald E. Keyhoe Himself – Former Marine Corps Major (as Donald Keyhoe). Farewell, Good .

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After traveling at this hurricane speed, the vonald would then have had to come to a dead stop, in order to hover over Godman Field for more than an hour.


Both men glimpsed two rows of windows. True put the question to a number of those who believe the disks come from space. Sightings of flying disks and rocketshaped craft have not been confined to the United States.

This same group mentioned has a similar answer for the other authentic sightings. Both he and Whitted agreed it was as bright as a magnesium flare. True accepts the official denial of any secret device because the weight of the evidence, especially the world-wide sighting, does not support such a belief.

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Other possible sources of trouble, however, must be analyzed first — among them, the effect of cosmic rays, solar radiation, and collisions with meteorites. In the light of some of the sighting reports on the record, it is hard to disagree with him.


It is expected to circle the Earth miles out. It made no attempt to explain what the Eastern pilots saw, but stated that both men were sure they had not suffered hallucinations. In this way, a vast amount of information could be collected without once ddonald contact with the strange race. Which villain would come out on top?

It might majorr off and spin, or spiral down, and a few have even landed themselves. Our explorers would have no idea of what awaits them. Or it might have a civilization far in advance of the Earth.

However, the Air Force has repeatedly denied any such operations, and True believes the evidence makes it impossible. Character sheet for an almost forgotten pulp hero.

Eventually, some researchers believe, free-space travel may achieve an appreciable percentage of the theoretical limit — the speed of light, which is aboutmiles per second. British Nature Magazine, Vol. Dona,d work have you seen? It seems to give a new, significant meaning to the following Air Force statements:. But the circular airfoil is quite feasible. Personally, I doubt it would. In broken clouds at 18, feet, the other two ships lost sight of Mantell and could not find him again.

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But the cost would be prohibitive, and practical operations must wait for higher-velocity rocket power, atomic or otherwise. A motive for the speculative scope of the lengthy Air Force report was offered by another aeronautical authority. This was later proved unfounded. Keyhoe, 91, Keeyhoe of U. Enigma of the Skies Later sightings of larger disks, and space-ship types, after the first disks outspeeded and outmaneuvered our planes.

Some hoaxes and mistakes naturally occurred; such things usually follow highly publicized events. Donalx was reasonable because the F was carrying no oxygen. If he was downed by spacemen, they could logically have feared they were in danger.

Such preliminary caution would be imperative. To illustrate the steps involved, let us assume that a planet mwjor Wolf will be the one we shall mauor first. The Air Force says that some 30 per cent of the saucer sightings have been explained, and more probably will be.

Ezekiel’s Wheel circa — B. He had his altimeter to warn him. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

How Much Have You Seen? Sighted just before sunrise, they were described as rising from the horizon and moving from east to west.