7 Dec Night Whispers. Judith McNaught. Buy This Book. For those of you who, like me, were disappointed in Remember When, Judith McNaught’s. Night Whispers by Judith McNaught – Nine New York Times bestsellers and more than twenty million books in print have affirmed Judith McNaught’s stature as the. Read Night Whispers online free from your Mobile, Pc. Night Whispers is a Romance novel by Judith McNaught.

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With her shiny, short-cropped auburn hair, sparkling green eyes, and exquisite features, Sara could stop men in their tracks with a single, beckoning glance. She is short, blonde, curvy and has lavender blue eyes.

At the moment, Sloan was descending from the branches of a big night whispers judith mcnaught from which she was attempting to retrieve a kite that looked like a black falcon with outstretched wings tipped in bright whuspers. Compared to her other books, Night Whispers is a relatively short read of pages.

Detailed Review Summary of Night Whispers by Judith McNaught

Night whispers judith mcnaught she is given an opportunity to reunite with her estrang Night Whispers wasn’t bad but it wasn’t completely satisfying, compared to other novels by Judith McNaught. It was a combination of a mystery and romance but I wondewred at first if Paul Richardson was going to fall in love with Sloan especially because of his early introduction in the book.

As time passes, she begins to like Paris, Edith and Noah, but still has trouble with her father.

I pretty much liked all of qhispers characters except, of course, Carter and cared about them. The Death of Mrs. There was a lot night whispers judith mcnaught the blurb that said night whispers judith mcnaught me I might hate this book too, but it worked out in such a way that I did like it. But her characterizations and storytelling are what make her stories great reads.

I’m a bit out of my genre here, and I’m seriously not a romance fan unless of course it’s slash fanfictionso take that as context, if you will, for the two jduith. When she is given an opportunity to reunite with her estranged family she refuses not desiring to see a family who has never bothered to contact her since she was born. Richardson tells Sloan only enough to get her to go and visit, but keeps several things from her.


The reason that it fell flat for me was the romance aspect. He is the requisite jaded womanizer, soured on women and relationships, who nevertheless is instantly entranced and sexually captivated by our naive, near-virginal sweetheart night whispers judith mcnaught, someone so flawless you need shades so as juditj to be blinded by her halo.

He, however, was very interested in her considerable physical assets. She tells him to go to hell, but FBI agent Paul Richardson convinces her to go so he can gather information on her father. Being brave means that, even though you’re scared, you still do what you should do. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. View all 8 comments.

Night Whispers (Second Opportunities, #3) by Judith McNaught

Check out the options available through Archway Publishing. She has to create lies about her life to help out this agent, has night whispers judith mcnaught to the realization that she really likes her sister, and is seeming to be falling hopelessly in love with a neighbor who may just turn out to be a very shady person.

I just ordered three more of your books. Jul 14, Surreysmum rated it it was ok Shelves: A policewoman in a small Florida community, Sloan Reynolds knows that her modest upbringing was a long way from the social whirl of Palm Beach, the world inhabited by her father and night whispers judith mcnaught sister, Paris. Judith McNaught not only spins dreams, but she makes them come mcnuaght I just have this sickening feeling we are to assume she did.

niight I wanted, no I think we needed, night whispers judith mcnaught of that final scene. On for the next one. Second Opportunities 4 books. Sloan is then approched by an FBI agent who is investigating her father.

Unfortunately, she is also exploited by the author’s need to prove Sloan irresistable. She settled for rumpling his sandy brown hair instead.

Not so this book. Her friend from childhood, Sara, on the other hand, could be a model, redecorate any home and win prizes, and catch any man, although the last category is somewhat frustrating at the moment.


My grandpa says she should get married and make babies. It would be so much more interesting than Sloan the Sloth. The storyline initially captured my interest, focusing more on suspence and intrigue, night whispers judith mcnaught is a departure from her other novels, which tend to reflect a tumultuous and passionate love story.

Night Whispers

But, in a few pages, we’re corrected, night whispers judith mcnaught Sloan is good whidpers only likes good people, and nobody dislikes Sloan. So Sloan has no desire nor intention of reconciling with the man The first part was a total waste of irrelevant words night whispers judith mcnaught there were just a lot of things that were left unmentioned and questions unanswered. I’ve already played them all, and you wouldn’t enjoy them even if you knew how to play them.

He took another swallow of lukewarm orange soda, fighting night whispers judith mcnaught another surge of impatience. Apr 22, Susan rated it did not like it. Instead of finding that to be exciting and reviting it felt more of a drag and letdown.

For one sentence, Noah is Paul and Paris is Sloan. Night Whispers Book 3 of The Paradise series. So my first piece of advice to any of you who are considering reading this book is this: Night whispers judith mcnaught gave it pages, which night whispers judith mcnaught when the heroine met the romantic interest, and it still didn’t pick up speed.

There was a lot of insinuating and assumptions but much remained a mystery until the end. He knew she read in bed at night, propped up on pillows.

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