In Florensky received a degree in philosophy and mathematics from Moscow University, and four years later he obtained his graduate degree from the. Pavel Florensky: A Quiet Genius. The Tragic and Extraordinary Life of Russia’s Unknown da Vinci. By: Avril Pyman Media of Pavel Florensky: A Quiet Genius. 10 Aug Pavel Florensky (Священник Павел Флоренский, –) was a Russian theologian, priest, mathematician, scientist, inventor, and.

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Pavel Florensky

Avril Pyman’s study, the first full-length intellectual biography of him in English, is a rich guide to his life and thought. Igumen Andronik Trubachev 07 December Inhe published a large monograph on dielectrics. Rarely have I met such a wise pave profound person as my grandmother. March 8, at 4: He was able to separate delusions from personality.

Today our monasticism is the vanguard: His execution took place in the wood in Sandormokh, in the extreme north of the country, together with the other prisoners of the “ecclesiastic lager” of the Solovki islands, after its closure. Yet fllrensky work in the natural sciences continued: Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Avril Pyman’s fine biography-the first of Florensky in English-must surely redress the situation. In the meanwhile, human beings make silly games of celibacy.

Pavel Florensky – OrthodoxWiki

On December 5, a memorial to all who suffered for the faith during the years of Bolshevik persecution was dedicated in Sergiev Posad. Thus the martyrdom of Florensky and his companions becomes not only memory, but an experience of communion possible for all. He spent most of his childhood in the city of Tbilisi formerly Tiflislocated in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia at the crossroads between Europe and Asia.


Views Read View source View history. A religious cult that is opposed to Christianity is one thing, and philosophical inquiry is quite another.


He advised the young men to finish theological academy first, and that things would then become clear. Pavel had the ability to help the government in electrification of Russia. The Passion of Christ: Pavel never judged people, but he did firmly uphold the truth.

Did all of Fr. His sentence began at the Baikal Amur Mainline camp, building the new shortcut railroad line of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, and after a year he was transferred to the former monastery at Solovetski on the White Sea where he conducted research on products made from seaweed.

But he still insisted on wearing his clergy cassock and pectoral cross even when he was teaching, working with Soviet scientists and lecturing at science conferences. He was rumoured to be the flrensky organizer of a secret endeavour to save the relics of St.

Does it follow from Fr. Eschatological verification Language game Logical positivism Apophatic theology Verificationism. His writings included works not only on religion and theology, but on philosophy, art theory, mathematics, and electrodynamics.

During his studies at the Ecclesiastical Academy, Florensky’s interests included philosophyreligionart and folklore. Pavel as being insufficiently Orthodox, even accusing him of a fascination flornsky the occult.

In addition to teaching, he began service as priest in a nearby rural parish.


Some would argue that he was about as un-pastoral as you can get: Occultism is a parasite on healthy human desires. Paul had been rumored to be a organizer in earlier years of a plot to save the relics of St. Only a perverted pafel sick mind can see in these friendly gestures something more. The rector of fllrensky Moscow Theological Academy, Archbishop Theodore Pozdeevskyeven wanted to create a purely monastic academy, but he always treated Fr.

At that time, in the early nineteenth century, some seminary graduates were sent to study at university.

The 75th Anniversary of Fr. Pavel Florensky’s Martyric Death

The pair shared a dormitory room and dreamed of sharing a contemplative life together in an izba Russian log hut deep in the forests of Kostroma, surrounded by books and art.

They had teachers of history and language arts that the entire gymnasium, including Fr.

This conversion experience redirected his florwnsky. His father, a railroad engineer, was from a family of Russian Orthodox priests and his mother was from Armenian nobility. Read in this light, the evidence that Florensky’s thinking actively responded to the art of the Russian modernists. He also published in the magazines New Way and Libra. Inhe married and was ordained a priest. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.