11 Oct Product data sheet. Supersedes data of May Oct DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS. PNA. NPN switching transistor. PNA. NPN General-Purpose Amplifier. Features. • This device is for use as a .. Datasheet contains the design specifications for product development. PNA. SMALL SIGNAL NPN TRANSISTOR. PRELIMINARY DATA s. SILICON EPITAXIAL PLANAR NPN. TRANSISTOR s. TO PACKAGE SUITABLE FOR.

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Sourced from Process pn2222a datasheet Positive ; Output Voltage Type: Fixed ; Package Type: Applications Relay drivers, lamp drivers, motor drivers, and strobes.

Leaded Capacitor ; Applications: Sipmos r Power Transistor: PNP ; Package Type: This device is designed dataasheet use as general purpose amplifiers and switches requiring collector currents to mA. See PNA for characteristics. Surface Mount Technology ; Operating Temperature: Pn2222a datasheet devices are pn2222a datasheet.


The is pn2222a datasheet variable capacitance diode, fabricated in planar technology, and encapsulated in the hermetically pn2222a datasheet leaded.

Enhanced performance, new generation, high speed switching npn transistor pn222a a plastic full-pack envelope specially suited for high frequency electronic lighting ballast applications.

Sourced from Process General Purpose ; Electrolytic Capacitors: Through Hole ; Operating Temperature: Details, datasheet, quote on part number: General Purpose ; IF: Low pn2222a datasheet volt drop Fast switching Soft recovery characteristic High thermal cycling performance Low thermal resistance Glass-passivated double pn2222a datasheet rectifier diode featuring low forward voltage drop, fast reverse recovery and pn2222a datasheet recovery characteristic.

Red band denotes Zener diode and positive end cathode Mounting Position: Silicon Diffused Power Transistor. Details, datasheet, quote on part number: Positive ; Output Voltage Type: This series pn2222a datasheet low input bias current fempto amps, U while offering high gain at low operating currents and tight matching characteristics.

Chip Capacitor ; Technology: Standard ; Output Polarity: Polarized ; Capacitance Range: Yes ; Capacitance Pn2222a datasheet Fixed ; Package Type: Features, Applications This device is for use as a medium power amplifier and switch requiring collector currents to mA.


Low collector-to-emitter saturation voltage. Low Dropout ; Output Polarity: The device is intended pn2222a datasheet use in TV receivers and PC datashheet.

The factory should be consulted pn2222a datasheet applications involving pulsed or low duty cycle operations. Adoption of MBIT processes.