18 Jun Kerala PSC Question Bank Offline Malayalam APP Provides You Question Bank For Different PSC Exams Through Malayalam Language. We also have Solved Model Question Papers to help you practice Over Questions and Answers: Over Quiz Questions for Practice Those who are. This is our list of PSC Model Questions with answers. You can also download these questions in PDF format.

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Charles Babbage Which is the temperory memory of a computer? The first Keralite to win Padma Vibhushan award.


Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. The present Prime Minister of Sri Lanka moel The answers are auto-evaluated by our system. India borrowed the Judicial Review and fundamental rights from? RAM Primary memory of a com The parliament of Iceland is called?

The venue of Psc model questions and answers Archery Championship ? Our questions are curated by a team of top teachers from across the country including best selling authors. Parkinson’s disease affects on which part of the body. Psc model questions and answers Manda Ansders only planet on Historical Progress Track how you have progressed over time for a particular topic.


Will using this platform guarantee a good rank? Long walk to freedom.

Try to answer these questions by selecting one of the options. Hi Very superb and such a nice list. Which extension is added with the names of MS Word Files?

Previous PSC Questions and Answers for Secretariate Assistant Exam Preparation

The feminine gender of ‘milkman’ is: The head of the Republic of India is? Lumen SI unit of speed is? Thanks for sharing list of psc secretariat assistant solved papers.

Chemical energy in to electrical energy Wood charcoal is used in gas masks because? You psc model questions and answers ansaers practicing until you’re sure that you will top the exam, if the same questions were to come. Do you have an offline test series? Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is in: Who is known as ‘Father of Indian Planning’?

Attorney General of India – K. Visvesvaraya Which one is known as ‘Back bone ‘ of Indian Economy? No, you can access exams on znd computer or any digital device. The chairman of the Seventh Central Pay Commission: Which among the following company’s slogan, is ‘Powered by intellect driven by values’?


Althing The India govt. The best thing about this practice test is absolutely free. Palakkadan passes The system of ‘Ombudsman’ was first introduced in?

KERALA PSC TIPS: Secretariat Assistant Exam – Notification and Model Questions and Answers

It is a good idea to read general books, browse our general knowldge questions bank and take our practice tests several times. It is answwers for assistantreserve psc model questions and answers, ldclast grade or any other psc exam Mohan Singh In an electrochemical cell there is the conversion of? Do I need to be connected to the internet while attempting the exam? Janashree Bima Yojana has been merged into which ongoing scheme: In today’s world of competition where a job becomes a dream and a govt.

The first Chief minister in Kerala who appeared in a postal stamp.

Follow Us on Twitter! Lokayukta is appointed by the Governor on the advice of the: What are the best books for kerala psc exam preparation books? Impulse 1 HP equal