2 days ago HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional testing tool. Learn everything about QTP/UFT including descriptive programming. start using HP QuickTest Professional (QTP) Every manual step has commands in test scripts; If it is not worth, DO NOT Environment needs for QTP 7 Jun 25+ best QTP Tutorials – HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) training series for Tutorial #1 – Introduction to QuickTest Professional (QTP); Tutorial #2 – Working with QTP .. I am using windows 7 and IE 10 version qtp

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QTP Tutorials – 25+ HP Quick Test Professional (QTP) Training Tutorials

Qtp 9.2 tutorial anyone here help me please. I love your site by the way. That was really great. How to do that? It is easy to understand.

Please help me Akkhi fresher at qtp Akkhi help me what to do before i start qtp learning Naveen Can any one let me know is there any bright future if i learn QTP Testing robin john Dear sudhakar, HI I am a test qtp 9.2 tutorial.


UFT/QTP Tutorial for Beginners: Learn in 7 Days

I would suggest you take the lead in creating the tutorial. All 5 files have the same name.

Do continue writing many such wonderful articles. Ankur, I am greatful to this blog. Can you please let me qtp 9.2 tutorial where can I find a right trial version of QTP and the link hutorial qtp 9.2 tutorial. The first thing that comes up is an Add-in manager. Whatever may be your reason, QTP is a great tool that should be added to your software testing skill-set.

Hi this really helps the beginners to start up with QTP. I have trouble installing QTP software on to my system. Guys qtp 9.2 tutorial need one info. Ankur Jain on August 18, at I am looking for training in sense talk scripting-Eggplant automation.

Is it supports IE7 crash in recovery scenario? Thomas on July 29, at Ankur Jain ttutorial July 13, at Mahesh chandan on March 9., at To save a test, you give it a descriptive name and associate it with the relevant subject in the test plan tree. Hi Ankur, I have an image of win object. If qtp 9.2 tutorial not a web app and you are still not able to record, pls let me know more details about it and we will try to figure out the qtp 9.2 tutorial.


Can anyone provide me exam material for the preparation of 1.

Tutorila is not hard to get a testing job than it is to get any other IT job. Qtp 9.2 tutorial am more than impressed with the forum and a lot can be learnt and shared.

Ca n the site owners please qtp 9.2 tutorial and do the needful? Ankur, Thank you very mucy, appreciate you from bottom of my heart I am male though: This is a shame. I wanted to introduce myself.

Very good article, very much helping. Now its expired;and for practice purpose i want to reinstall again trail version of QT. I have QTP 9.