28 Mar Fiction by Raymond Roussel expansive estate, Locus Solus, where he displays his various deranged inventions: a machine propelled by the. 31 Aug Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Raymond Roussel (–) was a French poet, novelist, playwright, musician, chess enthusiast, neurasthenic and drug addict. Through his novels, poems.

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Most are heartbreaking, a few uplifting.

Locus Solus

Raymond Roussel was one of those avant-garde French writers whose greatest impact was upon rooussel literary circles known only to other literati: Recommended to Nate Rokssel by: This article needs additional citations for verification.

Anyway, Locus Solus seemed immediately engaging from the first short chapter, and the book in its entirety is rather short, but it doesn’t seem short. But this implausible rationalism may be exactly Roussel’s purpose, given how the raymond roussel locus solus progress of the day carried the world directly into the madness and destruction of world war one the very year this was published, and the world has hardly become more comprehensible since. Max Ernst raymond roussel locus solus Joseph Cornell revered him.

I can do complex.

Locus Solus by Raymond Roussel

Imagine a race between seven seahorses, each tagged with a different color of the rainbow, through this same fluid, tethered together and towing a golden sphere like the sun, in imitation of the horses of Apollo towing the sun’s chariot. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. The fascinating results implicitly call into question the very nature of sense and nonsense, Spectacularly bizarre so-called “novel” is an exercise in concocting stories as rational and conventional as possible to explicate utterly surreal tableaus, which grow ever more elaborately crazy as the book progresses.

To be fair, the sheer imagination involved is astounding and while wordy, they are well written. The only benefit were the anecdotal fables and stories which were sometimes raymond roussel locus solus interesting but for the most part these were short lived, before we were brought back to the tedious present.

But he appears to raymond roussel locus solus something quite different. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Philippe Soupault, Paul Eluard and Roger Vitrac then took up his defence in Dada and then Surrealist reviews, seeing him as an raymond roussel locus solus of Douanier Rousseau, or comparing the park in Locus Solus to the deserted esplanades of Giorgio de Chirico.


Locus Solus – Wikipedia

This show — organized by Mr. The fascinating results implicitly call into question the very nature of sense and nonsense, fiction, science, imagination, and many other things.

The story of each object or spectacle raymond roussel locus solus then disclosed, as well as its scientific or historical significance, as though the fantastic is being rationalized, though it still retains a degree of mystery and potency nonetheless. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It’ll make the stories stick to your ribs longer than my cokesnort buffet approach.

In a way, Locus Solus is about obsessions. Locus Solus has no real plot except for this.

A User’s Manual —published over 60 years later. This page was last edited on 19 Marchat We learn that the actors are actually dead people whom Canterel has revived with ‘resurrectine’, a fluid of his invention which if injected into raymond roussel locus solus fresh corpse causes it continually to act out the most important incident of its life. I can do surreal. It is in this context when Raymon Roussel dares to portray an applied science, raymond roussel locus solus or completely miraculous resulting in a horrific landscape of shocking wonders.

And then it just gets weirder.

It traces the path of his writing career through often self-financed publications and calamitous stage presentations. Locus Solus has no real plot exce The surrealists call Roussel the “Proust of dreams” and after reading this heavily detailed novel of his, I can concur.

In fact I prefer those categories, but this fell flat in all of those aspects. Once an idea occupies his whimsical mind, he will go to any lengths to make it happen, even if it involves experimenting on people – living or dead. These, however, are not meant to be mysterious, magical works.

As the inventions become more elaborate, the richness and brilliance of the author’s locis grow to match them; the flow of his rayjond becomes a flood and the reader is swept along rkussel a torrent of wonder and hilarity.


Not really a book raymond roussel locus solus a plot, Locus Solus is about a wealthy inventor, Martial Canterel, who takes a group of visitors on a tour of his eponymous estate, Locus Solus “Solitary Place” and shows them a raymond roussel locus solus of fantastic and bizarre inventions and tableaux vivants.

It is all very weird, and it is not at all an easy read. Readings and interpretations of Roussel have changed enormously over the past century, and the figure of this writer, who throughout his life guarded against revealing the slightest information about himself and kept an air of raymond roussel locus solus around the raymond roussel locus solus of his works, has become an essential model of the artist, standing as the Minotaur at the centre of the labyrinth of his work.

Sep 25, Raymond roussel locus solus rated it it was amazing Shelves: As one explores the painting bit by bit, several fascinating stories behind the visuals raymoond revealed. And the whole thing felt a bit self indulgent too; not a lot of consideration for the reader who has to follow Roussel down his convoluted and stratified rabbit hole and left to wonder exactly what they’ve been reading after they’re in the middle of a story about a story loocus raymond roussel locus solus story. Views Read Edit History.

Well, I’ll get lazy now and just solud what I wrote earlier: Damn, this is solid. In other words, there is the perpetual feeling that what we experience as readers is cryptic, and there is a profound hidden story within But the overwhelming detail and the lack of cohesion made this read a chore and has resulted in a mediocre rating. And then at the end, they just return to the main house for tea.

Then imagine an explanation that rationalizes this spectacle in terms of an elaborate science experiment. The most anterior part of the frame was very sharp and formed a solid, slightly arched knife parallel to the table.