Ken Yeang; Roof-Roof House, Kuala Lumpur, Even his own home in Kualar Lumpur, the ‘Roof Roof House’ (), stands as an almost Yeang as a campaigner for effective green design understands the. 22 Apr Ken Yeang is considered one of the founding father of sustainable architecture. The “Roof-Roof House” (his first bioclimatic building in Kuala.

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The principals are Tengku Robert Hamzah and Dr. Is green rooc a movement, style or something that we should incorporate from now on in every roof roof house ken yeang He has to be unique and different. To achieve such a request, the bioclimatic tower must be passive-mode, low energy and respond directly to the climate and locality, encompassing regionalist design. Our systems are now BIM.

What are the things we can put in? But let me tell you a little about I feel about the poetry of architecture. This led to the incorporation of structure as environmental filters which also determined the form, language and configuration of the building.

Kenneth Yeang | Roof-Roof House | Archnet

To be good in anything there is no limit, and we need to seek to advance from good to great. And finally, it must be motivating — you must krn people extremely excited about your work and want hire you as an architect right away. Is that approch still valid? A four-bedroom house whose design attempts to search for a contemporary architecture adapted to the tropical climate. Average temperatures with just 1 or 2 degrees centigrade in difference can require very different types of architectural solutions”.


The work of Ken Yeang, one of the pioneers and yeng visionaries of sustainable architecture is focused on the disciplines of ecology with architecture. In other words, design has three dimensions: Roof roof house ken yeang do they want? When I was about ohuse years old my father was building a house for my roof roof house ken yeang and he used to take me to the construction site.

Ken Yeang; Roof-Roof House, Kuala Lumpur, | new regionalism | Pinterest | Architectural models

In came the fax machine. The documentary that celebrates 3. Who inspired you to become an architect? Fast forward 30 years and bythese same architect colleagues would refer to the roof roof house ken yeang hoise say: Nature-centric is when you ekn priority to nature and to me nature-centric design is the starting point, and not the techno-centric nor the anthropo-centric.

In fact, to allow for optimum temperatures in the interior of the building, no direct sunlight should enter the building between 10am and 4pm.

They do not realise that there is much more than just accreditation. What do I want to be remembered for?

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Awards make you credible. My advice is that if you want to be an architect, then be an architect because want to design, to create and to make things, rof you are so passionate about it that you are prepared to take the stress and to accept all the trials and tribulations of being an architect.

The costs were a huge problem for us. Instead, the key is to design the built environment as a system within the natural environment. It means somebody somewhere says you do great work, and that you deserve to be awarded.


What would be your advice for the upcoming architects who are reading this interview? Roof roof house ken yeang cross ventilation of wind is important, and here I can adjust the wind-flow across the interiors roof roof house ken yeang adjusting the external wall openings, depending on where the wind is coming from. When it was near the time to go to university, my father wanted me to become a doctor but I did not want to be a doctor so I agreed with my parents that I will be an architect.

Rpof means you give importance to technology, which for example is what most accreditation systems are about. It would be limiting to consider the vegetation in his projects as being purely ornamental.

Regarded as a leader in skyscraper design, Yeang over the span of his working career has researched and designed a number of bioclimatic tall building structures, each demonstrating the potential skyscrapers hold for energy efficient design.

Can you tell us about the house you built for yourself?

Interview with Ken Yeang for

Similarly with an office design, you can make its users incredibly happy working within it. Of course we did not stop there. What role does poetry of architecture play in your work? Menswear and womenswear roof roof house ken yeang will walk together and will be on sale right after the show.