Sochi Bid Books are available online · Olympics January 16th, Sochi Bid Books are available online in PDF format at sochicom!. 18 Jun including the Sochi Bid Books, texts of Federal laws of the Russian Federation and. Governmental Decrees with regard to the WOPG. 8 Feb Sochi ; Official report now available to download. Sochi official report. Download link: RERO DOC. Files: Volume 1; Volume 2 (2.

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After Sochi 2014: Costs and impacts of Russia’s Olympic Games

Please consider copy editing to past tense if historic, present tense if not time-based e. They also experienced significant cost overruns as the final budget was several times higher than the budget in the bid book. The oversized and expensive infrastructure and the dire economic situation of many investors, unable to boook their investments or even fund operating costs, will require funding for years to come.

In nominal terms, the whole project became about 4.

Pyeongchang was unanimously selected sovhi Muju by the Korean Olympic Committee in Decemberand was the first city to submit its bid to the International Olympic Committee. Moreover, the sporting event was touted as promoting a message of peace and harmony in the divided bic.

This amount is equal to 6. Bakuriani would also have been the venue for the cross country and freestyle skiing. Location of the bidding cities. Venue operation and maintenance. La RomaredaZaragoza.

First Winter Olympics Bid Books in Lausanne

Moratorium on interest on mortgages. Bids for the Olympic Games. Bidding cities had to be approved by their national Olympic committees, which have the right to choose between several cities in their respective countries. With several new power stations, it also boasts a more reliable energy supply. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Sofia missed the shortlist on 22 June Salzburg bid for the Winter Olympics. Liao, Hanwen, and Adrian Pitts. Cost overruns The games in Sochi were not just expensive.


Each cell of the table provides a minimum and a maximum figure obtained by the applicant city on the specific criteria. It bears to mention that based on the scores released by the executive committee report, Almaty placed fourth overall, and would have been eligible for the shortlist as it had cleared the benchmark for some categories.

The National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan cited that the city would have used existing indoor sports facilities and the Chimbulak Mountain ski slopes. The executive board of IOC accepted three bids on 22 June Its first problem had to do with the routing, which turned the station at the airport into a branch line, as is evident from Figure 1. All three cities suggested hosting the Games between February 7—23, Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Austrian city was eliminated in the first round in voting during the competition.

Skiing events were proposed to take place at ski resorts of the Pyrenees: Most of the ice events, as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at La Romareda Stadiumwere to take place kilometers south of Jaca in Zaragoza.

It was one of the biggest events innot just for Russia but also for the world. Further use of the Sochi venues The prospect for the after-use of venues is rather bleak. You can find out more about our use of cookies and sochk data in our privacy policy.

Bids for the Winter Olympics – Wikipedia

High maintenance and operation costs also hamper the after-use. Tax break for owners of Olympic infrastructure.


Nook venues are from the applicant cities’ mini bid books. Kulchitskaya ; Sylt and Reid ; Tovkaylo ; Volkov Table 3 lists an overview of expenses and foregone interest that the Russian government has already announced, including the costs for the maintenance and operation of Olympic venues, the operation of Formula 1 as an after-use of the Olympic Park, tax breaks for owners of Olympic infrastructure, and the moratorium on interests owed for Olympic mortgages with the state VneshEconom bank.

When the costs per sports event are calculated — one way of standardizing expenditure by controlling for the size of the Olympics — Sochi leaps to the front.

August Learn how and booo to remove this template message. Archived from the original on 23 March The candidature files were submitted on 10 January According to experts, the main reason for the elimination was the lack of detailed information provided in the reply to the IOC’s questionnaire. However, the most ambitious and expensive project — and the most advertised one — has not come off the ground.

This is not counting the cost of other measures, such as moving state-sponsored events to Sochi to fill empty rooms, which is a net loss somewhere else in Russia. In the first round, Pyeongchang received 36 votes while Sochi received 34 votes. There were two rounds of voting at the session that decided which city would host the games. Sylt, Christian, and Caroline Socih.