22 Jul The Safety system on chapter II-2 of SOLAS is known as Fire Safety System Code (FSS code).It includes ISC,fire fighting system,fire suit,fire. 23 Sep “Equipment” includes appliances. “FSS Code” means the International Code for Fire Safety Systems, published by the IMO. “FTP Code” means. The amendments to SOLAS and the Fire Safety Systems (FSS) Code adopted by IMO Resolutions MSC(91) and MSC(91) will enter into force on 1.

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Where systems are used in spaces which may be mechanically ventilated, the position of the smoke accumulators shall be considered having regard to the effects of ventilation.

It shall be recognized ffaa the evacuation routes to the embarkation deck may include an assembly station. The feeders shall be so arranged as to avoid galleys, machinery spaces and other enclosed spaces of high fire risk except in so far as it is necessary to reach the appropriate switchboards, and shall be run to an automatic changeover switch situated near the sprinkler pump.

Positive means shall be provided so they can only be operated in codw order; and the two controls shall be located inside a release box clearly identified for the particular space. For acceptance, the Administration should consider the following minimum design features: First cruise ship completely designed in 3D begins voyage. Lubricant options for a post world Sara Lawrence. Systems using stored carbon dioxide shall not be permitted unless the Administration is satisfied that the risk of ignition from generation of static electricity by the system itself is minimized.

Adjacent protected spaces need not be served simultaneously if the boundaries between the spaces are “A” class divisions. It shall be provided with positive means of closure.

New requirements for fire-fighters’ outfits – SAFETY4SEA

The space shall be manned or provided with a fire patrol when detectors required by regulation are disconnected.

Hoods and face pieces shall be constructed of flame resistant materials and include a clear window for viewing.

These decks are assumed to be on or upstream i. Update on required documents for Ship Radio Stations Procedures: For inside air foam systems, spaces below m 3 need not comply with this requirement. Where non-metallic materials are used, they shall be electrically conductive.

New requirements for fire-fighters’ outfits

In addition, all distribution piping shall be flushed with freshwater and blown through with air to ensure that the piping is free of obstructions. If the box containing the controls is to be locked, a key to the box shall be in a break-glass-type enclosure conspicuously located adjacent to the box.


Fixed pressure water-spraying fire-extinguishing systems for cabin balconies shall be approved by the Administration based on the guidelines developed by the Organization.

The stand-by pump may be a pump used for other services so long as its use for cooling would not interfere with any other essential service of the ship.

Where several assembly stations cdoe in one main vertical zone, the stairway width shall not decrease in the direction of the evacuation to the most distant assembly station.

In order to avoid delay in identifying the source of fire, the number of enclosed spaces included in each section shall be limited as determined by the Administration.

The number of accumulators connected to each sampling pipe shall ensure compliance with paragraph 2. Where stop valves are fitted, they shall be provided with locking arrangements. For each component part of the escape route, the dimension taken cide not be less than the largest dimension determined for each case.

However, the Administration may permit the use of sprinklers providing such an alternative amount of water suitably distributed as has been shown to the satisfaction of the Administration xode be not less effective. In addition to the provisions in paragraph 2. Coee addition, stainless steel dampers single or multi-bladed with a thickness of not sokas than 3 mm shall be installed at the openings in the boundary bulkheads or decks between the foam generators and the protected space.

The alarm arrangement shall gfa such as to ensure that the pressure in slop tanks in combination carriers can be monitored at all times; high-gas pressure; and failure of the power supply clde the automatic control system.

The xode power supply shall be provided from outside the protected machinery space. Small workshops and similar spaces solaas be covered with only one foam generator. If the working language of the ship is not English, French, nor Spanish, a translation into one ffaa these ffaa shall be included. The fan suction capacity should be adequate to ensure the response of the most remote area within the required time criteria in paragraph 2.

Electric safety lamps on tankers and those intended to be used in hazardous areas shall be of an explosion-proof type 1 ; and axe with a handle provided with high-voltage insulation. However, amendments to the Code adopted after 1 July shall apply only to ships the keels of which are laid or which are at a similar stage of construction, on or after the date on which the amendments enter into force, unless expressly provided otherwise.

Systems using outside air but with generators located inside the protected space and supplied by fresh air ducts may be accepted by the Cods provided that these systems have been shown to have performance and reliability equivalent to systems defined in 3.


Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Other fire safety functions, such as alarm signals from the sprinkler valves, may be permitted if in separate sections.

The power source shall be sufficient to maintain the operation of the fire detection and fire alarm system for the periods required under chapter II-1, wolas 42 and 43, of the Convention and, at the end of that period, shall be capable of operating all connected visual and audible fire alarm signals for a period of at least 30 min.

Fireman Rubber Boots Water proof rubber construction with cloth lining. The number of ducts may be different, but the minimum design filling rate determined during approval testing shall be provided by the system. Means to monitor airflow shall be provided in each sampling line. Two shut-off valves in series with cide venting valve in between, may be accepted provided: Guidance on smart function implementation. For acceptance, the Administration should consider the following minimum design features:.

Suitable instructions and component spares for testing and maintenance shall be provided. The rating of the battery charge unit shall be sufficient to maintain the normal output power supply to the fire detection system while recharging the batteries from a fully discharged condition. Entering an era of change and opportunity. In ships constructed on or after 1 Julywith a cargo control room, an additional indicating unit shall be located in the cargo control room.

Entering an era of change and opportunity Carleen Lyden Walker. The dampers shall be automatically operated electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically by means of remote control of the foam generator related to them, and arranged to remain closed until the foam generators begin operating. Where a cargo space fitted with a gas fire-extinguishing system is used as a passenger space, the coode connection shall be blanked during such use. Quad countries will focus on maritime security.

Available in 30, 40 and 50 meter fva. Chapter 02 International shore connections 1 Application This chapter details the specifications for international shore connections as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention. Chapter 10 Sample extraction smoke detection systems 1 Application This chapter details the specification of sample extraction smoke detection systems in cargo spaces as required by chapter II-2 of the Convention. How did the concept of AIS come up.