The following is the list of Triple Triad cards in Final Fantasy VIII. The cards in the player’s inventory can be viewed in the Cards section of the menu. If the player. 12 Oct Common, None, 2, 3, 4, 4, Triple Triad Master · Guhtwint of the Common, Beastman, 2, 2, 4, 6, Drops from Silver Triad Card · Sahagin Card. Final Fantasy 8 VIII Triple Triad Carddass Trading Card Game Card Lot Final Fantasy VIII Triple Triad G Squall Leonhart Carddass Masters card FF8.

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MasatsuchiYanxia Use Card ability on Gesper. Yeah, it’s tough to get the reward cards that way. The Great Gubal Library.

Onion Knight (Triple Triad Card)

Screws a lot of people over who are trying to collect cards. Use Card ability on Bomb. Use Card ability on Grat.

Prideful StagThe Battlehall. TT can be ultra biased against who goes first or second based on rules, so for it to be true gambling rules need to be random. Use Card ability on Blobra. Drop from Glacial Eye.


Spoiler tagging a comment: Use Card ability on Blue Dragon. Use Card ability on Hexadragon. Hall OverseerThe Battlehall.

Cards – Items – Weapons. Login or login with: Bought from the Triple Triad Trader for Triple Team VI achievement: Fuck me there are ?!?

Use Card ability on Gayla. Use Card ability on Anacondaur. Bought from the Triple Triad Trader for 20, But can you imagine the just for tgiad games between players or against the broken NPCs with a full 5-star deck?! Balamb Hotel Owner after Balamb Garden has become mobile.

You can get them from the gold cards in Gold Saucer, but they are notorious for their extremely griple drop rate. The Lost City of Amdapor Hard.

FFXIV ARR – Triple Triad Information ! Cards, Npcs, Rules, Checklist

Use Card ability carsd Mesmerize. Ccards [ show ]. MemeroonUpper La Noscea 14, Use Card ability on Buel.

Use Card ability on Thrustaevis. I just hit Level Random from Imperial Triad Card. It’s a stupid reasoning, but that’s what it seems to be. Use Card ability on Death Claw. There are still a couple of easy ones I could grind out if I really wanted to and then I’d only be maybe short.


Couldn’t believe my luck and my wish to collect the rest instantly rejuvenated. The Drowned City of Skalla. Use Card ability on Adamantoise.

Drop from Blood Soul. I also got them some weeks ago. MungligThe Azim Steppe 12, I too got allonly thing I wish they did is make the rewards better like give mounts upon reaching collected cards, titles, glamour, etc. Random from Silver Triad Card. Random from Bronze Triad Card. Win from the black dressed man in Deling City ‘s shopping District as part of Queen of Cards side quest. Use Card ability on Fastitocalon-F. Teiad I’m newish to raising in this game.

Use Card ability on Funguar.