This is a tutorial for creating a single layer PCB layout using NI Ultiboard. Components used are THT. Parameters are set to give clearances for manual etching. Electronics Workbench, Multisim and Ultiboard are trademarks of National Instruments. Portions of tutorials, application notes, instrument drivers, and so on. PCB layout tutorial — MultiSim/Ultiboard. The basic steps in designing a PCB. • Paper design and prototype of the basic circuit. • Identify the parts — and the.

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The Multisim Schematic Capture and Circuit Design Glossary is a short introduction to the terminology and graphics cues which are used in Multisim. Create a part with the following steps: RLC Ultboard Chapter 2: While Multisim offers a powerful SPICE simulation environment, Ultiboard complements it with PCB layout and routing capabilities that get a prototype into your hands as quickly and accurately as possible.

Default title form PCBCart.

The Footprint edit mode window opens. Places a follow-me trace. Opening an Existing File You can open an existing file by the following steps: It is also helpful for understanding the organization of the Select Component window and how that interacts with the various part databases: Say goodbye to all of the old methods ultiboaard marker pen,toner transfer etc.

Type the project name in the Project ultihoard field. Read the tutogial here: Displays the Ultiboard Help. Sorts the selected column in ascending order. The tutorial works through the schematic entry, device modeling, DC transfer curve analysis, and transient analysis of a full-wave bridge rectifier with capacitive filtering.


The New Project dialog box disappears, and a blank design opens, with the same name as the project file. More functions in terms of PCB design will be discovered after your massive practice on it.

Your current default units inch,Please fill in all the information again. The name must be unique.

In-place attribute edit button. Either accept the default shown in the Location field, or click the browse button to select a different location. Clicking on the blue open example file button will allow selecting an example from a rather extensive set that is organized by circuit and analysis category. Places a via on the design.

Launches the Board Wizard. From the Design type drop-down list, select PCB design. Placing Parts You can use any of the following methods to place parts on a design: Creating a Design A design is created automatically when you create a project file.

Ultiboard PCB Design Tutorial

Type a name for the new part. Wire up a 74ls Octal Tri-state buffer and see it in 3D using Ultiboard.

Opens the samples folder. Creating New Parts Create a part with the following steps: Multisim was originally developed by Electronics Workbench in Canada, along with the companion printed circuit board PCB layout tool Ultiboard.

Test it using Multisim. Saves the active design to its current name and directory. Places a straight line on the design or places a trace, if the active layer is a copper one. You can make fine pitch professional quality PCBs at home.


Captures a section of the screen and places it on the system clipboard. Creates new duplicate objects without the netlist information.

General Multisim Info

Choose which of the open projects is to contain the design from the Add to project drop-down list. Places a powerplane on the design. Rotates selected item clockwise. Undoes the last action. New parts will have Reference Designators that increment from the next available for that part type.

Creates a new project, or a new design if a project is currently open. Click the Create new part button above the Parts panel, select the Pat to Create dialog box appears, select the Part type you want: Multisim has a fairly good, indexed, and complete set of help files.

You can create a design file by the following steps: Login Error,Try agian Forgot password? Click on the part to place it. Very often one of these examples has most of the analysis set up, and only the circuit itself needs to be modified.

Sorts the selected column in descending order. Cuts the selected element from the design and places it on the system clipboard. Opens an existing project. You may start from getting your PCB price. A design is created automatically when you create a project file.